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Learn the Words that Will Help You Dress Better (Part II)

Hatless in Paris and Not As Dashing as Maurice

The time I went to Paris I was terrified about looking out of place. After all, with so many handsome Gallic chaps looking debonair like Maurice Chevalier I didn’t want to look bad with my faded jeans and my old PSG top. Thankfully, I dredged up a few words of schoolboy French such as pantalon and blouson, so I could dress myself in style once I got there. I still didn’t look much like Maurice but I am putting that down to the lack of a good hat. With some good French lessons Edinburgh students can look as dashing as they want to once they head to France.

Turning on Some Chinese Style

I would love to travel to China and dress like the locals. I think that wherever you travel in the world you should make an effort to buy local clothes and wear them while you are there. I just did some research into Han and Manchu Chinese traditional clothing and it is a complicated old business if you don’t have a grounding in the language. Thanks to their Chinese lessons Birmingham fashion freaks can find out how to tell their yi from their pao and their chang from their ku.