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Learn the Words that Will Help You Dress Better Part I)

I should start off by saying that I am not the most appropriate person for giving out sartorial advice. The contents of my wardrobe are regularly mocked by my other half, who for some reason considers that my collection of football tops and denim jackets is somewhat behind the times.

What I do know, though, is that every culture around the globe has its own unique dress sense and words to convey it. Let’s explore some of the words which can help you understand them better.

If You Are Wearing Sandals in Latin America Don’t Wear Socks (and Vice Versa I Guess)

If there is one piece of advice you should listen to before going to Latin America it is to cut out the old socks and sandal combo. For some reason the locals find this to be an utterly hilarious gringo style. Once I had, ahem, ditched the socks I went to look for some new sandals. I know the tale about Eskimos having hundreds of words for snow is a myth (and I know that no one calls them Eskimos anymore either) but I think that the Spanish language might have as many words for sandals. I started off asking for sandalias but got asked to specify whether I wanted chancletas or ojotas.  I then came across chinelas, chanclas, Hawaianas, zapatillas (which are, confusingly, training shoes in most countries but sandals in Paraguay)  and a few other words, all of which are either regional differences or slight variations on the sandal theme. If you want a native teacher to steer you in the right direction then click here.