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Let a Festival Help you Learn the Language (Part I)

Wherever you go in the world to study or improve a second language you are going to have the opportunity to have fun while you do it. One of the very best ways of doing this is by going to a festival while you are there. Which one will tempt you to take a break from studying and live life to the full?

Spanish Tomato Throwing

Spanish is a language which will give you access to a huge amount of exciting festivals, both in Spain and in Latin America. To be honest, I am not really sure which one to include here. However, there is one which has always attracted my attention more than all the rest. It’s not that I have ever been completely covered in tomatoes before but it just sounds like so much fun. If you are in Buñol around about the end of August then you could enjoy probably the biggest tomato fight on the planet. When they learn Spanish Birmingham students should also practise their throwing (and ducking) skills to have a great time here.