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Let a Festival Help you Learn the Language (Part II)

Russian Eclectic Music Shows

I had never heard of any Russian festivals before now but I just did some research and it looks like they love their fun events just as much as the Spanish do. There seems to be a distinct lack of tomato throwing but there are plenty of cultural events going on. I particularly like the sound of the Empty Hills music festival held in June. It is free to get in to and features an eclectic mix of musical styles. After their Russian courses Birmingham residents could rock out here for a spell and then listen to some jazz or some folk music as well. Being able to understand the lyrics to the Russian songs will really bring the event alive for you.

France for Films

France gave films to the world and the country keeps up the fine cinematic tradition with some terrific film festivals. Once you have mastered the language you can have a fantastic time in Cannes, for example, but there are lots of others film events to check out as well. I like the sound of the Marseille Festival of Documentary Film, as I have always been a big fan of documentaries, especially the unusual style which many French documentary makers add to their efforts. Documentaries are also usually among the easiest types of film to understand in a second language as well. With the help of their French lessons Edinburgh Francophiles can enjoy a great film festival while they are over there.