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Listen & Learn Choice Award 2020: Top 3 Films of the Year

Photo by Pixabay via Pexels

2020 is finally over! As we start a new year, we’re both full of hope for what’s to come and exhausted from everything we’ve had to cope with. But although some of us can still be heard babbling on about last year’s challenges, there is one thing we cannot deny: 2020 has given us some of the best home entertainment in a long time!

The main reason for this is that, because cinemas have been closed in most countries, film studios have been forced to release their movies on-demand and on streaming platforms. As a result, we’ve had a huge variety of films from all over the world.

In our yearly poll, we asked you to choose the best three 2020 movies to watch and learn languages. Below, you will find the 3 top-rated titles.



Christopher Nolan, who directed contemporary classics such as Inception and Batman Begins, has said that it took him more than five years to develop Tenet. Once you get to see the scale of this film, an epic science-fiction thriller about a secret agent who has to change the flow of time to prevent a third World War, it’s easy to understand why it took him so long. Sequences of time manipulation, for example, were shot both backwards and forward, and boast the largest number of extras ever used in a film.

Tenet is a great film for English enthusiasts because the story features both British and American characters. On the one hand, you have a veteran British thespian like Kenneth Branagh, and on the other, you have young American actors such as John David Washington, who does a great job in a demanding leading role. So, to practise the differences between British and American English, you can focus on the scenes that show interactions between actors of different nationalities, replay the dialogues, and (most importantly) try to say the words out loud at the same time as the actors!

Ricos de amor

Rich In Love is a Brazilian romantic-comedy about a wealthy young man named Teto, who is determined to prove his worth to Paula, a girl with whom he’s fallen in love. But when he lies about coming from a poor, working-class family, everything spins out of control. Teto will have to do all kinds of things to hang on to his lie so that Paula won’t know he is a spoiled kid from the suburbs. Ricos de amor is a tender, often hilarious rom-com about love and honesty.

If you want to use this movie as a learning experience, make sure you watch it in Portuguese, with or without subtitles (that will depend on your level!). That way, you’ll get to hear lots of social phrases that will come in very handy when you travel to Brazil or Portugal.

For example, can you guess what the following lines from the movie mean? Would you be able to match them with their English versions?

1. Cara coincidência.                                                               A. I’m here now.

2. Agora estou aqui.                                                                B. I’ve waited a long time for this.

3. Eu esperei muito para fazer isso.                                       C. What a nice coincidence!

Enola Holmes

Photo via Wikipedia

Originally set for a theatrical run, the distribution rights to the Enola Holmes were bought from Warner Bros by Netflix due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, people from all over the world were able to see the movie much earlier than expected. This is the story of Enola, younger sister of the renowned Sherlock Holmes, who goes to London in search of her missing mother. Enola is brought to life by no other than Millie Bobby Brown, who famously played Eleven in the Netflix hit show Stranger Things. Unsurprisingly, Brown’s performance was unanimously praised by critics, who said she was “effervescent” in her first leading role in a major film.

Also worthy of praise is the screenplay by Jack Thorne, which combines fast-paced storytelling with wonderful, inspiring quotes.

If you are an English learner, one thing you can do to improve your language skills is to write down your favourite lines from every film you see. With Enola Holmes, it won’t be hard for you to find them. These are our favourite:

There are two paths you can take, Enola. Yours... or the path others choose for you. (Eudoria Holmes)

Sometimes you must dangle your feet in the water in order to attract the sharks. (Sherlock Holmes)

Try to be excited, not disappointed at the possibilities of something new. (Eudoria Holmes)

Are there any other movies that you thought were great this year? Leave your recommendation below and we’ll make sure to check it out.

As we enter 2021, let’s follow Miss Holmes’ advice and face this unpredictable year with excitement and enthusiasm. At Listen & Learn, we believe that the best way to do this is by learning new things.

Taking up a language course is a rewarding experience that will give you a sense of purpose and bring you lots of fun and new experiences. No matter what language you want to learn, we will pair you up with a native teacher who’ll come up with a tailor-made course designed to suit your needs. Contact us now and start 2021 by learning a new skill!