Pick up the Phone and Lose Your Language Fears (Part II)

The Radio

Listening to the radio in a second language ain’t easy either. When I was first in South America I tried in vain to find the BBC World Service and ended up avoiding the radio for a long time after that. Finally, I gave it a go when I was bored one slow Sunday. After about 10 minutes of listening to one station I still didn’t know if it was a football game, a political rally or a comedy show I was listening to. However, I stuck at it and now enjoy the odd radio show, as long as they don’t put on too much of that blooming cumbia music. If they like listening to the radio then following their German lessons Liverpool residents can do this. They should scan the airwaves for a German station with music they enjoy.

Old People

I am not being ageist here, at least not deliberately. It is simply that it is tougher to talk to older people than it is to young whippersnappers. I used to dread seeing old chaps sidle up to me looking to croak something in my ear. I finally beat my fears last month when I had an interesting chat with an 85 year old about his 14 children and 70 odd grandchildren. If you want to learn Russian London is great, as it now has a good selection of Russians of all ages to practise with.