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Some Shameless Ways to Practise Your New Language (Part I)

When you are learning a second language the more practise you can get in the better. This doesn’t have to mean sitting in front of a screen while your languages DVD drones on though, does it? Let’s find a shameless way of doing it which will let you get out and about as well.

Sing Karaoke in Spanish

I might as well start off with one of the many embarrassing moments from the recent years in my life. Yes, I got up in front of a crowd of people and sung a song which I didn’t really know the words of. Or the tune. Or anything really. At least the other people who were there had mainly had more to drink than me. If you plan to learn Spanish Birmingham has a few good karaoke bars I believe. See if you can find one with Vino Griego on it and you can relive my shame. All together now, “ven a brindar…”