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Spanish Words I Wish I’d Never Learned (Part I)

When I started taking Spanish lessons I never imagined that I would regret learning some of the words. The vast majority of them have come in really handy but here are a few which maybe I would have been better of forgetting as soon as I learned them.


I hate fish. I really do. I don’t know why, as other people tell me that it is tasty and very good for you. A tuna sandwich is the only fish type food I can stomach and to be honest I think that real fish eaters tend to think that people who eat tuna sandwiches are wimps. Anyway, I went to a restaurant on one of my first days after starting to learn Spanish. The waitress asked me what I wanted to eat and my mind suddenly went blank. I had learned very few words by that stage and the one we had learned at the end of the class was, you guessed it, pescado. For some reason I asked for this, perhaps dimly hoping that a tuna sandwich would arrive to my table. Sadly it was an unidentifiable (to me) fish with a green sauce. I only ate about two forkfuls of it and was still as sick as a dog for the next week.