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Te Quise, Te Quiero and Err Something in the Future Tense (Part I)

One of the first things you learn when you start taking Spanish lessons is that there is a lot to learn, especially in the exciting world of verbs. I didn’t realise how easy English verbs were until I entered the murky world of Spanish tenses.

The wide variety of tenses in Spanish verbs is one of the most common complaints from students, and from me as well it has to be said. When it came to the verb querer (to want or to love) I decided to look to some songs for a bit of help.

Te Quise, Te Quiero, Te Querré

No matter who gives you Spanish classes, you can turn to Manolo Galván as well for some extra homework, in my opinion. I found this song on a tape of classic ballads I bought for next to nothing from a vendor on a bus. It turned out to be an inspired choice too. The limited research I have done on the crooner suggests that he has had a lot of chart parade hits, but the one which I turned to was the one which gives us past, present and future tenses in the title. What could be an easier way to learn all about this verb than listening to Manolo’s melodic voice telling us what he had done, what he is doing and what he will do?