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Things I Didn’t Know Before My Spanish Lessons (part I)

It seems that the world is a bigger and more exciting place than I had ever imagined before. After taking Spanish lessons in South America I found out just a little bit more about things I had never dreamed of before.

Alternative History Lessons

I studied History in the UK. Well, studied is maybe too strong a word but you get my point. I don’t remember ever learning anything about South America though. This all changed when I got hold of a Bolivian school text book after I had started to learn Spanish. I think I got a few strange looks as I sat in the plaza in Sucre reading it, but I was too engrossed in the stories to notice. I learned about incredible cultures, epic battles and gold filled mountains which I had never come across before. In fact, it kind of made the stuff I learned in Britain look even duller than I remembered it as being.