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Top Danish Survival Phrases

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The Danish language is sometimes tarnished with the brush of being difficult. We disagree. We happen to believe that if you give any language a go, you’ll discover it’s much easier than you think. Which is why we decided to put together a little survival language to help you get started.

To Begin: Here are a few of the most basic expressions to help familiarise you with Danish.

Hej! - Hi!

God morgen/aften! - God morning/evening!

Velkommen! - Welcome!

Hvordan har du/de det? - How are you?

Jeg har det fint, tak! - I'm fine, thanks!

Og dig/ dem? - And you?

Godt/ Sådan nogenlunde. - Good/ So-so.

Tak! (Mange tak!) - Thank you (very much)!

Du/ de er velkommen! - You're welcome! (for ‘thank you’)

Ja - yes.

Nej - no.

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On Your Travels: Now a few helpful phrases for when you first arrive in Denmark.

Kan du/ de hjælpe mig? - Can you help me?

Hvor er (toilettet/ apoteket)? - Where is the (bathroom/ pharmacy)?

Hvor meget koster den/ det? - How much is this?

Undskyld mig… - Excuse me ... (to ask for something)

Undskyld! - Excuse me! (to pass by)

Taler du/ de (engelsk/ dansk)? - Do you speak (English/ Danish)?

Har i nogen ledige værelser? - Do you have any rooms available?

Kan I veksle penge for mig? - Where can I get money changed?

Jeg er sulten/ tørstig. - I'm hungry/ thirsty.

Hvad betyder “.....” på Engelsk? - What does "....." mean in English?

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Sticking Around: If you decide to spend a little more time in Denmark then here are some more phrases for you to get familiar with.

Hvad er dit/ deres navn? - What's your name?

Mit navn er… - My name is ...

Hvad hedder det på dansk? - What's that called in Danish?

Undskyld? - I'm sorry? (if you don't hear something).

Jeg beklager. - Sorry (for a mistake).

Intet problem! - No problem!

Kan du/ de sige det igen? - Can you say it again?

Kan du/ de sige det langsomt? - Can you speak slowly?

Vær venlig at skrive det ned! - Write it down please!

Jeg forstår ikke! - I don't understand!

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For The Long Termers: If you decide to settle in Denmark then obviously you’ll want to learn the language more fluently. Here are a few words and phrases to help you on your way.

Prosit! - Bless you (when sneezing)

Værsgo! - Here you go! (when giving something)

Kan du/ de lide den? - Do you like it?

Jeg kan virkelig lide den! - I really like it!

Virkelig! - Really!

Se! - Look!

Skynd dig/ dem! - Hurry up!

Hvad? Hvor? - What? Where?

Jeg er vegetar. - I'm a vegetarian.

Jeg spiser ikke… - I don't eat...

Må jeg låne din telefon?  - Can I use your phone?

Pa beløbet? - Do you want charging just for your purchases or do you need cashback?

Vil du have bonen med? - Do you want a printed receipt?

Tak for i dag! - thank you for a nice time together (when you have had a good time with someone or a group of people).

Godt weekend - have a good weekend.

Det var så lidt - don’t mention it (when someone has done something for you).

Tak for sidst - ‘thanks for the last time’, said to people you may meet at a party or event, not dependent on an actual timescale.

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This is but a taster of the diversity of the Danish language. When are you going to visit the beautiful Denmark for yourself?! Contact us and have a look at what language courses we have to offer so that we may help you prepare for your future travel plans.