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4 Valentine’s Day Gifts that Your Partner Will Never Forget

As people around the world start to think of the best Valentine’s gifts for their significant others, we have decided to acknowledge a widely known but often silenced truth:

14th February might be the most romantic day of the year, but for those who have little imagination, it can also be quite nerve-racking.

You know how it goes. January is almost over and you think “Well, it’s still two weeks away. There’s plenty of time”. But then the day comes and all you can come up with is a “romantic” meal at the nearest McDonald’s and a Netflix movie before going to bed.

You don’t need to worry, we are here to help.

Does your partner love languages? If the answer is yes, you can close all the Google tabs you desperately opened before reaching our blog. Below, you will find the most original, unique, fun ideas to celebrate St Valentine’s with your partner.

A Telenovela-like Evening

Does your partner love Latin culture? Then show her cuánto la amas by surprising her with a Mexican-themed evening at home!

It’s not as complicated as it may sound. You just have to follow these steps.

1 - Make sure you have the house for yourself that morning and prepare the best Mexican fiesta menu she’s ever seen. (Don’t panic, Mexican food is as easy to make as it’s difficult to eat without staining your clothes!)

You can make some quesadillas, a few tacos, and even some chicken chilli. Most importantly, don’t forget to buy a good bottle of tequila.

2 - Once you’re both sitting at the table, tell her to hold on a minute, go to your bedroom and come back with a DVD box set of her favourite telenovela in your hands.

As you may have noticed, at Listen & Learn we are big fans of Thalia (you have to admire a woman that made the same telenovela 4 times with different names and got away with it!), but the picture is merely illustrative.

3 - Ask your partner if she would honour you by binge-watching her favourite telenovela with you and teach you the villain’s shadiest lines.

4 - Every time there is a fake face slap, have a sip of tequila!

A Childhood Memory

The most memorable Valentine’s gifts are those that appeal to a person’s emotions, those that show your partner that you really know who they are and that you are willing to go out out of your way to find the right thing for them.

So, this year, show your boyfriend that you have been paying attention and get him his favourite childhood book.

Oh, you haven’t been paying attention? Okay then.

Let us paraphrase. This year, show your boyfriend that you’re willing to text his mother to remind you what his favourite childhood book was (Charlotte’s Web? The Giving Tree? Paddington?). Once you have the answer, go to Amazon and get him a deluxe edition in a foreign language!

By doing this, you will provide him with an opportunity to improve his language skills by revisiting his most treasured childhood memories.

A Romantic Dîner

Does your wife love all things French? This Valentine’s Day, then, show her how romantique you are by taking her to the best French restaurant in town.

If you don’t have the faintest idea of what French restaurants there are in your town, click on this link, find the best places near your house, and read authentic customer reviews before making your final choice.

If you really want to impress your partner, however, taking her to a wonderful restaurant won’t do the trick. You have to show her that you are fully committed. Therefore, you will need to put on a black and white striped T-shirt, a matching black beret, a red scarf, and learn a few French phrases to say throughout the evening.

If she still doesn’t understand what you’re saying the third time you say the first phrase, forget about this part of the plan. It might mean that you didn’t have enough time to familiarise yourself with the tricky sounds of French. She will still appreciate your effort.

A Learning Experience

Although we genuinely believe the ideas above to be great (after all, they're our own), there is one Valentine’s gift you can do that your partner is bound to remember for the rest of their life.

This 14th February, if you want to show your love to your significant other, give them something that is fun, enriching, and everlasting. Give them a learning experience.

With our language course vouchers, your partner will get to improve their language skills with native tutors for whom learning and fun go hand in hand.

So, if you live with a language geek, you don’t need to look any further. Reach out to us now and we'll make sure that your partner gets a tailor-made learning experience designed to suit their personality and learning style. We promise you this will be a Valentine’s gift that they will never forget.