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Want to avoid Christmas? Try these destinations!

We get it. Christmas can be a little overwhelming. Sometimes between all the gift-buying and merry-making, it feels like you don't get a moment to yourself at all. But if the idea of yet another round of forced festivities really is more than you can deal with this December, why not set off for a destination to leave this holiday behind altogether? Here are some great destinations for traveling to if you want to escape Christmas.



Thinking about avoiding Christmas at ALL costs? Click to discover the few places you actually can get away from it!



Dubai is a great place to visit in December. Not only does it tick the box for having no Christmas, but at this time of year Dubai's temperature drops to a much more manageable 20-30 degrees. There is the sprawling city complete with highly-discounted shopping and all the impressive architecture you could want to get pictures of, safaris either in jeeps or on camels to explore the desert, and both cruises and helicopter trips to allow you to see Dubai from an entirely unique perspective.






If India is on your must-visit list why not combine it with escaping all the festivities back home? From beach holidays to historical tours, meditation retreats to soaking up the sights of numerous cities, India has something that will appeal to you. Tranquility can be sought in one of the resorts in Goa or Kerala, while if something a little more busy is your thing then Delhi offers a thriving nightlife, bustling streets, and some of the best food to sample. India has such variety that the only problem you might face is choosing what to do with your time!


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Here is our second broad choice suggestion, since like India, a trip to China is all about knowing what you want to do in the time that you have. The weather is hot in the south and cold in the north, so bear that in mind if you're travelling for the temperature. And you are more likely to find Christmas celebrations in places like Hong Kong and Shenzhen than anywhere else so head for Beijing or Shanghai, or perhaps more remote places if you want to avoid any trace of Christmas altogether. Flight costs tend to be low in December in China too, so take advantage of that and explore!



Thinking about avoiding Christmas at ALL costs? Click to discover the few places you actually can get away from it!

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The Maldives


White sand beaches, crystal clear blue seas, and no need for a jacket; what Christmas-avoiding person wouldn't be happy with that? Instead of tucking into turkey you could be learning to dive or snorkelling in atolls. Celebrations hampered by sudden blasts of cold weather can be replaced with dancing and drinking in the sun. And if celeb-spotting is a hobby of yours, well, you might just be in the right place in The Maldives, since this is a favourite holiday destination for everyone from the Beckhams to members of the Royal Family.





Like Dubai and India, Thailand in December can be a wonderful experience for those who don't normally do so well in the heat. The humidity that Thailand is renowned for also drops between November and February which is an added bonus. Head to Thailand if you want to spend some time taking in temples and incredible landscapes, or even indulge in a pampering and relaxation session at one of Thailand's many spas. Christmas morning in a beach hut looking out over beautiful waters across a stretch of sand? Where do we sign up for that!


Thinking about avoiding Christmas at ALL costs? Click to discover the few places you actually can get away from it!

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Scottish Highlands


Our final suggestion is a little closer to home. We aren't saying that there aren't Christmas festivities in Scotland. We're saying if you want some peace and tranquility from them yet don't want to go far, the Highlands might not be a bad start. Imagine it; tucked up snug somewhere with real wintry weather you can enjoy through a window and not a Christmas tree in sight if you don't want it. There are lochs, forests, and mountains to explore if you're feeling adventurous, and even beaches if you wrap up against the cold. If what you want this Christmas is a little solitude or some time alone with the people you love, the Highlands are a great choice.


Whatever you're doing over this festive period we wish you well and hope you're having fun!