What is the Best Way for a Language Student Abroad to Get Around? (Part I)

Two-teenage-girls-talking-008.jpgWhen you travel to a country whose language you are learning you will be keen to practise as much as you can. If you choose the methods of transport you use wisely then you will get plenty of chances to do just that, so let’s take a look at some of your options.

The Underground

Many of the world’s big cities have got underground train systems and these are generally fantastic places for listening to the locals talk without appearing to be a nosy intruder. In fact, if you live in London then you can even listen to a lot of different languages without leaving the UK. I used to travel to work on the Northern Line and one of the few bright spots of this bleak, subterranean journey was in trying to identify the different languages around me. If they want to learn Spanish London residents are advised to take the Tube and keep their ears open.