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What Weird Sports Will Your Language Skills Help You Play? (Part I)

It is all very well going to museums and enjoying a bit of culture but what if you really want to see people doing bizarre sporting activities while you are abroad? In fact, maybe you want to join in with some of these weird sports. If you do then learning the language is going to be a big help. Taba in Bolivia I have no idea how widespread this sport is. It might be that they only play it in the town in the South of Bolivia where I came across it or it might be commonly played all across the world for all I know. Anyway, I was at a potato fair (yes, I do live an exciting life now that you ask) and I saw a group of guys throwing something at something else. It didn’t look like a lot of fun but since I had already had my fill of tubers for the day I went to investigate. It turned out that they were chucking bones at a pile of mud. Apparently it is a game of skill which is very popular there.  As they learn Spanish Birmingham students should make sure that they learn well and have enough words to ask for an explanation of the rules in this game. taba-420x278.jpg