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What Weird Sports Will Your Language Skills Help You Play? (Part II)

Tamburello in Italy I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing this game played yet but a friend who spends a lot of time in Italy told me about it. If you can imagine playing tennis with a tambourine then you have got a good imagination and you have just about pictured this game as well. Apparently it is an ancient ball game which is still played professionally today. After taking Italian lessons London residents might want to try this sport. It sounds like a lot of fun to be honest, although few if any bones are involved in it. Chess Boxing in Russia I have been interested in this ridiculous sporting combination for a while now. It is big in Germany it appears. However, the Russians are strong at both coming up with chess strategies and pummelling people’s heads in the boxing ring. Some big tournaments have been held in Russia and after their Russian courses London students could head over to watch a tournament. While you are there you might as well nip over to Finland and watch a bit of wife carrying as well. In fact, there are outstandingly bizarre sports played all over the world so whatever tongue you learn you should be able to enjoy some of this sort of fun. tamburello_indoor_main_pic.jpg