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Where Will You Go to Speak Like a Local? (Part I)

Learning a new language is great fun but after you have done so you aren’t going to sit on your hands and spend the rest of your time flicking through text books, are you? Actually, it is quite difficult to flick through books while you are sitting on your hands but you get my point, and no, you most certainly are not.
The best part of being able to speak a second language is to do with the travel possibilities it opens up for you. Here are three places I have always wanted to go to and speak like a local.

Talking Like a Local in Paris

Isn’t the French language just the best thing since sliced croissants? I learned a bit of it at school but I don’t think I will get very far by randomly saying words like pomme de terre and petite out of context. Someone once told me that Parisians are very demanding of foreigners who speak French and I would love to show them how I could do it. Maybe if I take the French lessons Edinburgh offers I could do so. If there is one place in the world where it must be a great feeling to order a pastry in a fluent manner it must be the French capital I think.