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Which Sport Will Help You Learn a Second Language? (Part I)

The few games of football I played soon after arriving in South America helped me learn some new words in Spanish, although not all of them were complimentary. This made me wonder which sports you could try in order to learn a second language better.

Chess Boxing in Germany

While taking their German lessons Birmingham students should practise. Practise punching people and trying out a few bishop led chess attacks as well, that is. I have been fascinated by the sport of chess boxing ever since I first read about it. Apparently it is big in Germany. You will want to learn crucial words like “checkmate” and “ouch” in German before you go there but once you are in the thick of a bloody, bruising chess battle you will be able to pick up some other phrases as well. I am not sure how popular this sport really is and how difficult it is to get a game but if all else fails just challenge someone to a game of chess and then start throwing the pieces at them to see what happens next.