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Which Sport Will Help You Learn a Second Language? (Part II)

Table Tennis in China

I used to love watching table tennis on the television when I was a kid. All the best players seemed to be Chinese and I have particularly fond memories of seeing an exhibition match where a couple of players showed off some amazing trick shots and even started playing while virtually sitting in the audience.  If you want to start your Chinese lessons Edinburgh is a great choice. For a start, it has some table tennis facilities where you can play away and practise your Chinese grammar while dreaming of heading off to Beijing to play against some of the world’s best players.

Boules in France

Can anyone explain to me what the game of boules is all about? It looks deceptively simple and, in fact, somewhat similar to the games I used to play in my garden by throwing golf balls at each other. However, it seems that there are a number of different variations of the game and I just can’t keep up. If you are thinking of taking French lessons London is ideal, although it doesn’t seem to offer a lot of boules playing areas. If you go to France and play a few games there you should make some new friends while you learn the rules and find out some of the strategies and subtleties of this famous sport.