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Will You Be a Hi Tech Language Student or a Low Tech One? (Part I)

There are many different ways of learning a second language and while some students like to go hi tech others are happy to do theirlearning without using too much technology. I have always been a low tech sort of person and to this day I wouldn’t know what to do with a smart phone if one fell in my lap and started ringing.

I you are planning to take professional languages classes there are some extra ways of improving your knowledge you can take when you want to push the boat out with your gadgets and gizmos. However, there are also some which don’t involve any sort of smart devices with Wi-Fi and GPS.

Read a Good Book

My favourite way of learning some new words in a foreign tongue is to read a good book. This is especially good if you are studying or travelling abroad, as a book can help you feel more comfortable when you are eating alone in a busy restaurant, travelling on the train or just passing a few hours feeling free and easy in a park or a plaza. When they are planning to take French lessons London based students will be spoiled for choice between all of the fantastic literature available in this wonderful language.