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Will You Be a Hi Tech Language Student or a Low Tech One? (Part II)

Look Up the Internet

I might be low tech but I can still use the internet well enough to look up a foreign video clip on YouTube or to download a foreign song. Actually, I don’t always manage to download the songs successfully but you know what I mean. Some of my favourite songs of all time are in Spanish and I have also found some pretty funny videos in that language as well. When they want to learn Spanish Birmingham students don’t have to be technologically advanced to start singing along or watching some videos. In fact, I would call this kind of thing pretty low tech these days, as strange as it might sound. The internet is so simple to use that even my Gran has been known to play the odd game of bingo or look up some awful Gene Pitney songs.

Use Your Phone

The only way my current phone could help me learn a language would be if I changed the on screen language and discovered what “ring tone” and “Solitaire” are in Portuguese or Italian. However, there are phones around which are more advanced than mine. If you have one of those fancy Dan phones which let you download apps then you can use this as a hi tech way of learning new words. I believe there are many different apps which will let you do this. If they want to the make the most of their Chinese lessons London smart phone owners have got the answer right there in their hands. By the way, Solitaire seems to be called Solitaire in Portuguese as well, so my low tech phone came in handy for something after all.