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Would You Prefer to Learn One of the World’s Most Spoken Languages or an Obscure One? (Part II)

Because Not Many People Learn It

It is incredibly romantic to imagine learning a tongue which is spoken by very few people in the world these days. There are hundreds or perhaps thousands of endangered languages all over the world if you want something really obscure. For example, the Faetar dialect in Italy has an estimated 70 native speakers left, while the Karaim language in Lithuania and Ukraine now numbers around 1,000 speakers. Of course, learning a tongue which is as endangered as these ones is going to be more of a hobby than something of practical use for most of us. If you prefer something more useful but not widely spoken across the world then what about one of the main Nordic or Slavic tongues? These are generally spoken by millions of people and can be great fun to use when you go travelling. Whatever language you want to learn, you should click here to find a teacher near you.

Because You Need To

Of course, there are times when we need to learn a new tongue for work or personal reasons. In this case, you need to work out how best to study while making it something enjoyable rather than a chore. For example, if you take Portuguese courses London is ideal. After all, it is only a few hours flight away from Lisbon or Rio. Even if you are studying for work purposes you should still look to enjoy the experience as much as possible and practise with native speakers if you can.