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Meet Becky, studying Norwegian, and see why they chose Listen & Learn!
Becky Learns Norwegian, Changes the Course of her Life

Becky Pearson, Chief Executive of two charities in England, started with Listen & Learn’s Norwegian course about 18 months ago. She tells us how about her fascinating journey – and how it’s really only just beginning.

Listen & Learn: Hi Becky! Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with us!
Becky: Not at all, I’m happy to.

Listen & Learn: Could you tell me a little bit about your story? What motivated you to start Norwegian?
Becky: Well, when I was 17 I worked as an au pair in Norway. I studied the language at a free language school there, and was fluent within 10 months. I came back to England at 18, only returning every few years.

Listen & Learn: Why did you feel the need to study if you were fluent from 17?
Becky: I went back to Norway in 1988, for social work, and realized how much my language skills had deteriorated. I could read, but I was struggling with my speaking skills. Then 2.5 years ago, I discovered I have a rare medical condition - it’s been a difficult road. I decided to start studying again to keep focusing on something positive.

Listen & Learn: Why did you choose Listen & Learn?
Becky: To be honest, I chose Listen & Learn because they were the only company able to find me a tutor. Not only that, but able to arrange one in my area.

Listen & Learn: Tell us about your course and your teacher.
Becky: I’ve been studying for the last 18 months with a girl called Kjersti. At first I was unsure because there was quite an age gap – I’m in my mid 50s and Kjersti is quite young. But we realized quickly that we had a lot in common. Kjersti is doing her PHD based on adoption, and I’m quite involved with adoption through my social work – we were able to bond on more than just an academic level. It was a good match!

Listen & Learn: Would you recommend Listen & Learn?
Becky: Absolutely. Apart from working with me on the oral side of the language, my teacher also put me in touch with classes I could take for grammar (which she then helped on homework with). Marie, my course coordinator, was lovely, Kjersti helped with any application forms I had to fill in, and I managed to pass my exams in the summer – I am now completely proficient in Norwegian, and meet the requirements for professionals in Norway!

Listen & Learn: So what’s the plan now?
Becky: Well, I’ve put so much time and money into studying the language, I decided that I’m going to pack up and actually move to Norway – something I wouldn’t be doing without Listen & Learn and the commitment of my teacher!

Listen & Learn: On a final note, what’s your favourite saying in Norwegian?
Becky: My favourite saying would have to be "Hvis jeg forberede meg jeg forbedre meg selv", which means “If I prepare, I improve”.