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Meet Paul, studying German, and see why they chose Listen & Learn!
German lessons for those with an unfinished business

Paul Jones, CEO of a Digital Media and Publishing Company, started with Listen & Learn's German course 12 month ago to. This is what he has to say about the experience:

Listen & Learn: Good day, Paul! It’s great to talk to you about your experience with Listen & Learn. For the benefit of our readers, which language course did you choose and why
Paul: I started to learn German in the first few years of secondary school, but I did not continue my studies and have always considered learning the language to be one of the things that I should resume; it left a hole in my heart. So, I am delighted to have continued after such a long time.

Listen & Learn: Good for you! I think a lot of people who studied languages at school often wish they would go back to them. And why Listen & Learn?
Paul: A few reasons: the ease of starting a course because the staff sort everything out; the one-on-one teaching; and, particularly in these times, the option to take the class either in-person or remotely.

Listen & Learn: What is your favorite thing about studying with Listen & Learn?
Paul: My teacher Julia!

Listen & Learn: Is there anything that has particularly helped you with your studies? Something your teacher or coordinator have provided or encouraged, for instance?
Paul: Being able to proceed at my own pace.

Listen & Learn: And what would you say has been especially rewarding as an outcome of your hard work?
Paul: Understanding a lot more about the language. It’s great to not just speak the language, but to understand the culture behind it.

Listen & Learn: Have you had any opportunities to use your new skills in the workplace?
Paul: Sometimes yes, although I am still in that mindset where I understand more than I am confident enough to say. That will change with time, though!

Listen & Learn: Do you think other professionals should enroll in a course with Listen & Learn?
Paul: Absolutely! Listen & Learn’s teaching approach is a flexible and impactful way to study a language.