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Specific Language Courses

Whether you want to learn a language with a specific objective in mind or you are looking for a general all-encompassing language course, we've got you covered. Learn about the sorts of classes you can have to best suit your goals.

General Language Courses

General courses are aimed at students of any level. The main purpose of these courses is the ability to communicate based on everyday situations, with a strong emphasis on grammar and vocabulary, as well as developing speaking, listening and reading skills. A general course is ideal for students who would like to get a grasp of a language before moving on to business language training, or would simply like to attain a better working knowledge of the language.

Business Language Courses

Business courses are aimed at students who need to improve their language skills for effective business communication. We would recommend business courses to clients who already have some general knowledge of the language but need to extend these skills to use them in a commercial or industrial field.

Intensive Language Courses

These courses are aimed at students of all levels. The main purpose is to improve the language skills of the student in the shortest period of time possible. The courses are based on everyday situations and vocabulary, supported by grammar, listening and reading. Intensive courses are perfect for students who are restricted by tight deadlines and need to get to a certain level within a limited time.

Language Courses for Specific Purposes

These courses are aimed at students who need to improve their language skills for effective business communication as quickly as possible. Students who choose our intensive business courses are generally those who need to complete a course and gain the necessary language skills by a certain date, for example for a upcoming business trip, or important business event.

For intermediate and advanced learners we also offer language courses for specific purposes:

  • Business communication skills (telephone, negotiation, presentations etc.)
  • Business writing skills (business correspondence, proposals, reports etc.)
  • Language training for a specific industry (legal, medical, engineering, accountancy, recruitment, HR etc.)
  • Accent softening and elocution

The courses above are ideal for professionals who are seeking to improve their foreign language skills in a particular area.

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