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Russian Lessons in London

Sometimes referred to as Moscow-on-the-Thames, London is home to a large community of Russian speakers. After the USSR collapsed, a big influx of soviet immigrants arrived in the city in search of a better life and settled in different areas such as Chelsea, Kensington and Lambeth. In recent years, the number of Russian immigrants has kept increasing, and nowadays there are almost 200,000 residents in London who speak Russian as a first language, according to the Office of National Statistics. As a result of this, London is the perfect city for language learners who want to learn this beautiful language and get immersed in the Russian culture without leaving the UK.

If the Russian language has caught your attention, you’ll be happy to know that there are many benefits for those who decide to study this language. On top of getting to understand the Russian culture, which has produced some of Europe’s most interesting writers, philosophers and artists, you’ll get to meet people from all over the world and access unique job opportunities in the city and abroad. What’s more, you’ll become part of a global community of more than 258 million Russian speakers, which will transform the way you travel and experience other countries.

Why Study Russian in London?

Learn Russian for Work and Travel

Learning Russian will not only allow you to work in Russian-speaking countries, but it will increase your employability in London as well. There are many positions exclusive for bilinguals in the city that you could apply for, such as Russian-speaking Graduate Finance Assistant for Morgan Spencer, Russian-speaking Events Manager for Privileged Careers and Russian-speaking Data Tester for Smart Bill. Although most of the positions available are in the IT and financial services sectors, there are other kinds of jobs you might consider that don’t require you to have a degree such as Full-Time Russian-speaking Housekeeper for Little Ones UK and Bilingual Receptionist for BCS Prime Brokerage Limited.

Being able to communicate in Russian is also really important if you want to visit some of the countries where it’s an official language, which include Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Not only it will help you to connect with the locals, who will appreciate you speaking their language, but it will make your stay there more fulfilling.

Learn Russian for Culture

If in London, you shouldn’t miss the chance to visit Pushkin House. This independent cultural centre was founded in 1954 by a group of scholars with Russian roots and since then it has showcased the best Russian writers, poets, artists, performers and academics in the city. It’s located at 5a Bloomsbury Square, and it’s a great place to enjoy all kinds of talks, art exhibitions, concerts and film screenings that will expand your knowledge of Russian culture and get you closer to the vast community of locals interested in it.

Another great way of understanding the Russian culture is to try its traditional food. Luckily, there are wonderful restaurants in the city that specialise in Russian cuisine, and one of the best is Mari Vanna. Located at 116 Knightsbridge, this intimate restaurant looks like a traditional Russian home. It has many shelves filled with Russian literature you can read, and decorations such as Russian dolls and many pictures of famous Russian characters like Cheburashka. Some of the traditional dishes you can taste here include borsch, vareniki with potatoes and vegetables and Russian Oliver Salad.

Learn Russian for Social

Do you want to make like-minded friends who love the Russian language as much as you do? Then, you can’t miss the events organized by the Russian Language Group. This group was created for native Russian speakers and language learners who want to meet new friends with whom they can chat in this beautiful language. Monthly meetings are held at the Metropolitan Bar, located at Station Approach in Marylebone Road where in addition to practising the language with great people from all over the world, you’ll get to enjoy some drinks. These events only cost £1 per person and are open to learners of all levels, although it is recommended that you can at least hold a simple conversation in Russian.

Another great group you should check out is The Whitehall Russian Society, which organizes different meetings where you can learn about Russian culture, boost your language skills and meet natives who live in London. The events they hold always take place at the Civil Service Club, located at 15 Great Scotland Yard, and include barbecues, all kinds of shows, and even dancing lessons, so in addition to learning the language, you’ll have lots of fun.

Where to Learn Russian in and around London?

The London Library, located at 14 St James's Square, has one of the most impressive collections of Russian books in the city. Whether you’re interested in literature, history, art, biographies or fiction, you’ll find more than 13,500 books in the Russian language that will help you expand what you know of the Russian culture. If you like poetry, you’ll find wonderful authors like Blok, Esenin, Briusov, Akhmatova, Tsvetaeva, Severianin and Gumilev, and if you’re interested in politics, the Library also holds a unique set of Socialist Revolutionary Party pamphlets printed in clandestine conditions that you should check out.

As interesting as these books are, most of them are in Russian, so if you want to understand them, the best thing you can do is start a language course. If you’re looking for flexible, personalised lessons you can have at home or online, your best option is Listen & Learn. Our teachers stand out from the rest because they don’t use outdated materials but instead focus on our student’s interests to make entertaining lessons that meet their expectations. No matter what your language level is, just send us a quick enquiry now and we’ll find the perfect tutor just for you!

The type of courses we offer:

Face-to-Face 1-to-1 (Individual) General Russian

Russian lessons of this type are broader and are aimed towards students with a variety of requirements. While all beginner level students will cover survival Russianneeded for short visits to countries where English isn't widely spoken, or if you wish to 'go local'those studying Russian usually go in different directions at this point, depending on what they need. Those who have benefited from these Russian classes have been those investing in or buying property overseas, those married to overseas nationals, people setting off on a round-the-world trip, enthusiasts for Russian culture and those hoping to pass a specific exam in Russian. Enquire now about our Russian Courses or Take A Free Russian Level Test

Face-to-Face 1-to-1 (Individual) Business Russian

These Russian lessons are driven towards people who have a requirement to learn Russian to bolster their work output. For novices, you will find it useful to learn basic greetings and business etiquette. Once you have become more proficient, then reading and writing will come to the fore. Typical students include those concerned with imports and exports, those seeking work in multinational companies, international negotiations and anyone working with international colleagues or administration. Even in our most rudimentary lesson for beginnners, students can expect to finish with decent telephone and e-mail Russian, as well as a good enough grip on the language for a short trip to the country where the language is spoken. Enquire now about our Russian Courses or Take A Free Russian Level Test

Face-to-Face Closed (Private) Group General or Business Russian

Those wishing to learn Russian in groups of two or more together (Two-to-One Russian Lessons or Small Group In-Company Russian Lessons) can sign up for our group classes. All students must be at nearly the same level of Russian proficiency, have the same needs from the language and must be able to study at the same time and place as the others. Bookings must be made for all students simultaneously. Listen & Learn does not suggest group sizes of more than 6-8 people, but In-Company Taster Russian Lessons can occur with up to 12 people. Enquire now about our Russian Courses or Take A Free Russian Level Test

Skype, Google Meet or Zoom Online 1-to-1 (Individual) General or Business Russian

Our native speaker qualified Russian language teachers can train you and your colleagues at your office or home at a time to suit you. Classes can be any day of the week (even weekends) in the morning, afternoon or evening. In certain circumstances, if your home or office is not available, you can take your classes at the trainer's office. Course books are provided. Enquire now about our Russian Courses or Take A Free Russian Level Test

Skype, Google Meet or Zoom Online Group (Closed or Open) General or Business Russian

Lessons in Russian are also accessible for two or more people studying in tandem (Two-to-One Russian Lessons or Small Group In-Company Russian Lessons). All those involved must have around the same experience of the language, similar needs of areas of proficiency and must be able to meet at the same time and place. Bookings must be made for all students at the same time. Listen & Learn does not advise classes of more than 6-8 people, though In-Company Taster Russian sessions can be run with as many as 12 people. Enquire now about our Russian Courses or Take A Free Russian Level Test

Top Tips For…

russian Songs


“Калинка-Mалинка” - Ivan Larionov

Practising outside the classroom is essential when learning a language, in particular when acquiring one as challenging as Russian. So, a great way to improve your skills is by listening to music in the target language. For example, Kalinka-Malinka is one of the most well-known Russian songs in the world, written in 1860 by Ivan Larionov. If you’re looking for a light-hearted, cheerful song, this is the track for you. This song is a great way to learn new vocabulary, such as kalinka (a type of tree with red berries), malinka (a sweet fruit) and саду (in the garden). Listen to this amazing folk song.

russian Songs

“Mама Первое Cлово”- Neposedi

If you’re just starting your Russian course, use children’s songs to quickly develop your vocabulary, pronunciation, and listening skills. This track is about the first word children usually say: “mama”. The cadence of the music is slow and the singer sings very clearly, so it’s a great option for beginner and intermediate-level students. In addition to mother, some other everyday words, like life (жизнь) and sleep (спать), plus some words related to the family, like daughter (дочь) and son (сын). Listen to this catchy tune here.

“Куда Yходит Детство”- Alla Pugacheva

There’s no better way to learn a language than by using real-life, motivating materials, like songs and music. If you are up for a challenge, then listen to “Куда Yходит Детство” (in English: “Where Does Childhood Go?”), a nostalgic song about childhood and remembering our years of joy and youth as we grow older. So, by listening to this catchy song, you’ll learn the helpful vocabulary and everyday verbs you will need in case you have to communicate in Russian, such as найти (find), попасть (get there) and здесь (here). Click here to listen to this hit!


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