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Spanish Lessons in Aberdeen

According to the 2011 census, there are over 68 languages used in Aberdeen, Scotland’s third-largest city. In fact, over 12% of the 228,670 estimated city residents were reported to use a language other than English or Scots at home. Among this wide range of languages, Spanish is the sixth most commonly used, with almost a thousand speakers.

As the official language of more than 20 countries, Spanish is the second-most spoken native language after Mandarin Chinese, with nearly 500 million native speakers in countries like Argentina, Chile, Venezuela and of course, Spain. With 548.3 million total speakers, it’s the fourth-most spoken language in the world, which makes it one of the most popular among language learners.

As you can imagine, learning such a widespread language can be a great advantage. Whether you’re looking to connect to a broader part of the local community, get access to better job opportunities or just expand your horizons, learning Spanish is just what you need.

Why Study Spanish in Aberdeen?

Learn Spanish for Work and Travel

Learning Spanish is one of the best things you can do to advance your career. Not only will it allow you to work in countries like Spain, Colombia or Paraguay, but it will also help you land a job in multinationals across the globe. Top companies in Aberdeen like Amazon, Deloitte and Schlumberger are constantly looking for bilingual applicants for job positions like Localisation QA Tester, Field Specialist and Customer Engineer.

What’s more, if you have your own business, learning Spanish will allow you to build professional relationships with many local Spanish and Latin immigrant communities, which can be the key to growing your business and getting access to once-in-a-lifetime opportunities in the city.

Learn Spanish for Social

There’s more to learning a language than just expanding your vocabulary, it’s also important to immerse yourself in the cultures where that language is spoken. One of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to do so is through its food, and fortunately, if you’re interested in exploring Spanish and Latin American cuisine, there are many amazing places you can visit in the area.
One of the best places to get a taste of Spain in Aberdeen is Café Andaluz, located at 5 Bon Accord Street. Stepping inside this exotic restaurant will make you feel like you’ve been transported into the Andalusia region in Spain. Among the mouth-watering Spanish dishes you can taste, there’s the traditional tortilla española, a thick omelette filled with sliced potato & onion, albóndigas, which are spiced pork & beef meatballs in a rich tomato sauce, and the famous paella, cooked with Calasparra rice and topped with your choice of meat & seafood.

Do you want to try some of the best Mexican food in the area? If so, you should visit Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant, located at 3015 6th Ave SE. From fajitas to carne asada, they offer fresh, traditional meals that are perfect for both lunch and dinner. It’s the perfect place if you want to get to know Mexican dishes from different regions while you enjoy traditional music in a relaxed, warm atmosphere. Whether you want to try spicy burritos or delicious quesadillas, this place is just for you! 

Learn Spanish for Culture

Every language learner knows there’s nothing like practising your target language with other people to take it to the next level. If you’re looking to boost your Spanish skills and meet new people, you should attend one of the language exchanges held by the Aberdeen Spanish Language Society. This group of Spanish language enthusiasts meet every Tuesday at 7 pm in La Tasca, located at 367 Union Street. These meetings are the perfect chance to better your conversation skills and meet native speakers from Spain and Latin America. In addition to the regular language exchange events, they arrange special meetings like salsa nights, ceilidhs and Spanish movie nights.

Where to learn Spanish in and around Aberdeen?

If you’re a film lover, you can visit one of the many Aberdeen Public Library branches, where you’ll find a great selection of Pedro Almodovar films you can’t miss. As one of Spain’s most accomplished directors, watching some of his films like Pain & Glory, Julieta, and The Skin I Live In will make you feel like you’ve been transported to Madrid and will help you understand the passionate Spanish culture.

After watching these amazing films, you’ll be eager to start learning Spanish right away. If so, the best place you can choose to do it is Listen & Learn! Nowhere else in Aberdeen will you find such personalised lessons that will make your learning experience so rewarding and fun. To start learning right away, the first thing you can do is take one of our free 15-minute tests where you find out how good your Spanish skills are. After that, send us a quick enquiry and one of our team members will get in contact with you.

If you want more information about the course or you’re ready to book your first lesson, you can also call us!

The type of courses we offer:

Face-to-Face 1-to-1 (Individual) General Spanish

These lessons in Spanish are wide-ranging by nature and are driven towards students who have a variety of differing needs. All beginner students will expect to study enough survival Spanish to get them through a short visit to the country. Those who choose to continue with the lessons will progress differently, depending on their individual requests and requirements. Whether you are buying property in a foreign country, married to a foreign national, planning a round-the-world trip, interested in Spanish history and culture or if you simply want to attain a particular level of Spanish, this is the choice for you. Enquire now about our Spanish Courses or Take A Free Spanish Level Test

Face-to-Face 1-to-1 (Individual) Business Spanish

These Spanish lessons are driven towards people who have a requirement to learn Spanish to bolster their work output. For novices, you will find it useful to learn basic greetings and business etiquette. Once you have become more proficient, then reading and writing will come to the fore. Typical students include those concerned with imports and exports, those seeking work in multinational companies, international negotiations and anyone working with international colleagues or administration. Even in our most rudimentary lesson for beginnners, students can expect to finish with decent telephone and e-mail Spanish, as well as a good enough grip on the language for a short trip to the country where the language is spoken. Enquire now about our Spanish Courses or Take A Free Spanish Level Test

Face-to-Face Closed (Private) Group General or Business Spanish

Those wishing to learn Spanish in groups of two or more together (Two-to-One Spanish Lessons or Small Group In-Company Spanish Lessons) can sign up for our group classes. All students must be at nearly the same level of Spanish proficiency, have the same needs from the language and must be able to study at the same time and place as the others. Bookings must be made for all students simultaneously. Listen & Learn does not suggest group sizes of more than 6-8 people, but In-Company Taster Spanish Lessons can occur with up to 12 people. Enquire now about our Spanish Courses or Take A Free Spanish Level Test

Skype, Google Meet or Zoom Online 1-to-1 (Individual) General or Business Spanish

Our native-speaking qualified Spanish teachers can instruct you and your group at your work or at home at a time most convenient for you. Classes can take place on any day of the weekeven weekendsmorning, afternoon or evening. If meeting at your office or home is not suitable, you can take your lessons at the trainer's office. Study materials are supplied for you. Enquire now about our Spanish Courses or Take A Free Spanish Level Test

Skype, Google Meet or Zoom Online Group (Closed or Open) General or Business Spanish

The Spanish lessons are also available for two or more people studying together (Two-to-One Spanish Lessons or Small Group In-Company Spanish Lessons). All participants must have the same level, the same business or general language needs and be able to study at the same time in the same location. The booking must be made for all participants at the same time. Listen & Learn does not recommend group classes of more than 6-8 people though In-Company Taster Spanish Lessons can be run with up to 12 people. Enquire now about our Spanish Courses or Take A Free Spanish Level Test

Top Tips For…

spanish Youtube Channels


German Garmendia

German is a wildly popular YouTuber from Chile who creates content related to video games and lifestyle in general. For example, one of his most viewed videos is called “Things that happen in job interviews”. The content is funny and the vocabulary is not overly difficult to understand. However, keep in mind that he speaks incredibly quickly, so it might be difficult for you to keep up with everything he says at first. Still, you can use subtitles or, as you watch the video on Youtube, you can pause and rewind as often as you like, with no judgment. Watch this amazing content here.

spanish Youtube Channels

Clevver Teve

So, you might be taking lessons in a classroom with Listen & Learn, but it’s always a good idea to diversify your language learning with multiple sources, like YouTube. For example, Clevver Teve is a channel focused on celebrity gossip, interviews and movie trailers. As it targets all types of audiences, the videos are really short and the vocabulary is simple. So, it is suitable for beginners who want to improve their Spanish skills by watching entertaining videos. You’ll soon get used to the European Spanish accent and start reproducing some favourite phrases, like “oye, tío”, with flawless pronunciation! Click here to subscribe.


Learning Spanish can be tough if you don’t have a lot of time to practise outside of your course. That is when YouTube videos come to the rescue, as they are easy to fit into even the busiest schedule and are an excellent way to take your listening skills to the next level. So, why not follow a top YouTuber like Werevertumorro and learn from his videos? This YouTuber creates cartoons and acts out videos on interesting topics, like “how to make a woman fall in love with you”, so you’ll be improving your Spanish while having some fun. Click here to subscribe.

spanish For Kids


Whistlefritz Spanish for Kids

Spanish videos for kids are a fabulous learning resource. The videos are fun, memorable and keep children engaged. Furthermore, watching videos like Whistlefritz Spanish for Kids is an excellent way to expose your child to a variety of Spanish accents. Whistlefritz products are themed and teach contextual Spanish words to kids. The videos are intended for children ages 2-7 and introduce basic vocabulary related to the seasons, birthday parties, animals and other topics interesting to young kids. The presentation is clear with plenty of repetition, so the kids will never feel overwhelmed. Check out their website to know more.

spanish For Kids

Juegos Arcoiris

If your children enjoy short, interactive games, why not take advantage of this and encourage them to play games in Spanish? For example, Juegos Arcoiris is an excellent resource for kids to acquire new vocabulary and reinforce what they learn in their Spanish course. It hosts a variety of puzzle games, short stories and even colouring activities that will keep your children amused for hours. These games are perfect to practise vocabulary: the colouring activities display the names of object and colours and all the instructions are in Spanish; and the short stories are written and read in Spanish, too! Check out their website to know more.

La Ratita Presumida

La Ratita Presumida is a popular folk tale that follows a mouse who wants to get married. She welcomes different suitors to her home, like a pig, a dog and a cat. To decide whom she wants to marry, she always asks them “¿Y por las noches, que me dirás?” (What will you say to me at night?), but never likes their answers. This is a great story to learn some phrases and vocabulary about animals, as it’s repetitive but fun. Your child can even watch the story on YouTube and then act it out. Check out this website to read the story.

spanish News



Watching TV in your target language is a great way to crank your learning up to the next level. If you’d like to know what’s going on in the world while improving your Spanish skills, then why not watch the news in Spanish? For example, if you prefer the European variety of castellano (or you want to travel to Spain), you can watch RTVE, a conglomerate of television channels that broadcast content in Spanish: you can watch the news on La 1, documentaries on La 2 and even Barcelona FC’s football matches on La 3! Click here to start with Spanish news.

spanish News

Azteca Noticias

Azteca is a Mexican media giant that showcases news from all over the world. Its biggest competitor is called Televisa, which only offers paid subscription services. In contrast, Azteca is free to stream and available almost anywhere in the world. One of the most popular programmes is called Hechos, where you can see what is currently happening in Mexico and the rest of Latin America. If you are looking to improve your comprehension of the Mexican accent and to pick up some words while watching the news, this is the channel for you. Click here to start with Spanish news.

Canal Uno News

Are you planning to travel to Colombia or would you like to learn this specific accent (which is considered one of the most “neutral” in South America)? Then, watching the news on Canal Uno can be a great way to develop your Spanish listening skills. Most of the reporters speak very clearly, so it’s easier to understand what they are saying than many comparative channels. Watching this Colombian channel can also serve as a springboard to tuning into the news in Argentina or Cuba in the future, as you’ll gain confidence over time. Click here to start with Spanish news.

spanish Apps


Green Line

Green Line is a Spanish app that is currently available in more than 300 municipalities throughout the country. It aims to improve the quality of life of Spanish citizens by solving incidents on public roads, promote communication with public officers and more. So, using the app, users can let the town hall know about broken street benches, defective street lamps or traffic lights, etc. If you decide to collaborate, you will even get a notification when the problem is resolved. And the best part is that you don’t need to be an advanced-level Spanish speaker to operate it and the app is intuitive and easy to use; so, it is handy for Spanish learners as well as native speakers. Download the app here!

spanish Apps


Spanish grammar can be a bit tricky sometimes and requires a lot of practise. Fortunately, you can download an array of apps that can help you take your grammar to the next level with very useful exercises and resources, such as Busuu. Regardless of your level, you can take advantage of their audio files, pictures and multiple-choice exercises to improve your skills. Furthermore, it has a forum that gives you the chance to connect with other students. So, you’ll be able to share experiences, talk about the exercises and even practise your speaking skills via the sharing of audio files. Click here to find out more about the app.

Mi No Dieta

If you are looking for help to start more healthily, Mi No-Dieta (My no diet) is here to help! Designed by expert nutritionists, the app guides the user to create a 30-day eating plan depending on their needs and preferences. If you don’t like fish, for example, the app will recommend vegetables and eggs instead. And not only will you get a list of recommended meals but you can contact specialists any time via the app. This is a great way to practise your foreign language vocabulary and learn more about food and meals in Spanish while staying healthy! Learn more about the app here!

spanish Comedy


Esperando la Carroza

Are you looking to improve your listening skills in Spanish in the comfort of your own home while learning more about the Argentinian culture? Then, Esperando la Carroza is a movie you should not miss. This comedy follows the Rodriguez family who suddenly lose Mamá Cora and believe her dead, with amusing scenes that take place during the funeral. Today, most people in Argentina know the characters’ lines. So, by watching this hilarious movie, you’ll be able to pick up a lot of puns and cultural references to help you to integrate with the locals if you ever go to Argentina. Here you can find more information about this Argentinian movie.

spanish Comedy

Un Novio para mi Mujer

Are you planning to visit Argentina soon? If so, you’ll find the locals’ slang and high use of cultural references can be difficult to comprehend. Fortunately, you can become familiar by watching movies at home. One of the must-watch Argentinian comedy is Un Novio para mi Mujer, a movie that follows Carlos, a man who wants to get a divorce but doesn’t know how to say it to his wife. One of his friends suggests that it would be easier if his wife falls out of love with him instead, so the movie depicts hilarious situations where Carlos tries to make Victoria hate him. Find out more about the movie here.

8 Apellidos Vascos

Watching comedy can be a lot of fun and it’s even better if you watch them in the language you are learning. For example, watching Spanish comedy can be of great help when improving your listening skills and picking up some new vocabulary. So, why not enjoy high-quality Spanish productions, like 8 Apellidos Vascos? This movie deals with the ridiculous prejudice some people have about those who come from the Andalucia and El País Vasco regions, through a humorous lens. If you enjoy irony and jokes, then you’ll certainly have a laugh with the absurd situations depicted in the film! Read more about the film here!


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