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Meet our Listen & Learn teachers, all native-speakers, dedicated to making sure our clients reach their language goals.
  • Hanaka
    Age: 25
    Language: Japanese
    Years of experience: 2+

    “I think the most important trait that students should have is interest. If they are interested in learning Japanese, their skills will improve greatly throughout the lessons.”
  • Sharif
    Age: 32
    Language: Bengali
    Years of experience: 4

    “As a student, the biggest plus point with Listen & Learn would be having a completely student-centred learning experience, where you can work with your language teacher to enjoy uniquely customized lessons as per your needs, whenever and wherever you want them”
  • Francesca
    Age: 25
    Language: Italian
    Years of experience: 1+

    “I love how teaching one-to-one lessons or small groups allows for a closer relationship with the students than with bigger groups. The overall organization and the teaching materials suggested are also excellent”
  • Mary Elen
    Age: 68
    Language: English
    Years of experience: 10+

    “Listen & Learn allows their tutors the freedom to explore the requirements and needs of the student to truly personalise the learning experience”
  • George
    Age: 27
    Language: English
    Years of experience: 3+

    “I always love the first lesson with a new student, when we make lots of progress with the quick fixes; seeing their eyes light up as they finally understand those big bugbears that have been confusing them in the language”
  • Joana
    Age: 32
    Language: Portuguese (Brazilian)
    Years of experience: 6+

    “Not many language schools offer Portuguese as an option, so when I discovered Listen & Learn, I realised that my desire to teach Portuguese was possible”
  • Frances
    Age: 58
    Language: English
    Years of experience: 10

    “The best moment for a teacher is when you see that person who had no confidence in the beginning now speaking English with ease”
  • Alessandra
    Age: 31
    Language: French
    Years of experience: 15+

    “I think it’s important for a teacher to really know their students. I make notes about every person I teach – their lives, their targets. I consider my students my friends, and I’m actually planning to visit some in Australia soon!”
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