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Meet Joana, part of our Portuguese (Brazilian) teachers team!
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    Age: 32
    Language: Portuguese (Brazilian)
    Years of experience: 6+

    “Not many language schools offer Portuguese as an option, so when I discovered Listen & Learn, I realised that my desire to teach Portuguese was possible”

Listen & Learn: Good morning, Joana! Thank you for giving us the chance to ask you a few questions. Could you tell us a bit about what languages you teach and why you chose a career in teaching?
Joana: My name is Joana and I teach Brazilian Portuguese. I am very passionate about the Portuguese language and culture. I’ve lived in quite a few countries and I’ve made friends from all over the world and that made me want to share my knowledge of my mother tongue.

Listen & Learn: How did you turn your love for your language into a profession? Tell us about your teaching qualifications and history.
Joana: I have got a degree in Political Science and International Relations and I specialised in Brazilian Studies. Both my parents are lecturers which means that I grew up in a household where teaching was the day-to-day, so that feels quite natural to me.

Listen & Learn: Why did you decide to teach with Listen & Learn?
Joana: Not many language schools offer Portuguese as an option, so when I discovered Listen & Learn I realised that my desire to teach Portuguese was possible. I feel at ease with Listen & Learn in all aspects, and it has been a pleasure to work for them.

Listen & Learn: Would you say that the staff is your favourite thing about working with Listen & Learn?
Joana: Definitely! The team is the biggest reason why I feel so comfortable. The course coordinators are always available to help and they make sure that their teachers are comfortable with everything.

Listen & Learn: That’s great to hear! And regarding your classes, is there anything in particular you look for in your students?
Joana: As a language teacher, the most important aspect to look for in a student is their commitment to learning. I’ve always had students that keep practising outside class and the learning curve has been pretty impressive.

Listen & Learn: That’s amazing! Besides helping them boost their language skills, what can students expect from you as their teacher?
Joana: Students that learn with me should expect a friendly and relaxed environment as well as punctuality, never missing a class and tailored teaching strategies. I am able to adapt to any level and any student’s needs. Also, I believe that learning a foreign language can be extremely fun when the cultural context comes along. This is why I love to talk about music, film and art as well as everyday idiomatic expressions because that is how locals express themselves on a daily basis.

Listen & Learn: In your experience working with us, what has been your most memorable teaching experience?
Joana: Developing close friendships with students has been my most memorable experience teaching with Listen & Learn.

Listen & Learn: Lastly, why do you think students should enrol in a language course with Listen & Learn?
Joana: I think that anyone that has the desire to learn or improve their knowledge of a foreign language should enrol with Listen & Learn because of the high standards of their staff.