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Meet Mary Elen, part of our English teachers team!
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    Mary Elen
    Age: 68
    Language: English
    Years of experience: 10+

    “Listen & Learn allows their tutors the freedom to explore the requirements and needs of the student to truly personalise the learning experience”

Listen & Learn: Hello, Mary! Can you tell us a little about your teaching history and qualifications to start us off, please?
Mary: Hello. Yes, I'm an English as a Foreign Language Tutor. Previously, I worked for a large American airline as an international training manager, travelling all around the world, training new hirers for the airline as it expanded. I fell out of love with travelling but in love with teaching, and so trained to become an EFL tutor. I've been teaching for the past 10 years, 7 of them for Listen & Learn. I hold a degree in Education and a Trinity Cambridge certification for teaching EFL.

Listen & Learn: And do you have any specialisms?
Mary: I teach all levels, from Beginners to Advanced-level students, both in person and online. I also have experience teaching groups and people of all nationalities, such as when I taught at language schools in Brighton. I've taught both General & Business English and specialise in pronunciation and word building to help extend students’ vocabulary easily.

Listen & Learn: It’s great you have found a vocation you are passionate about! What do you like about working with Listen & Learn, particularly?
Mary: Listen & Learn allows their tutors the freedom to explore the requirements and needs of the student to truly personalise the learning experience. This could involve speaking practice and learning new vocabulary for a job, preparing for an important presentation at work, help with grammar, etc.

Listen & Learn: It sounds like you really relish finding ways to teach English in a way that connects with the student. Can you think of any fun or standout moments?
Mary: I once had a student who had recently arrived in the UK and was invited to a black-tie dinner. He thought it a bit strange that he should be told what colour tie to wear, especially since, in his country, you only wear a black tie to a funeral. Nevertheless, he went to the Christmas dinner in a suit and black tie only to discover everyone else wearing dinner jackets and bow ties! It was after this he decided he needed help with English culture/customs and business practices.

Listen & Learn: [Laughs] Oh, that’s fantastic. It sounds like your lessons must be a lot of fun. What else would you say to someone considering Listen & Learn to persuade them to enrol in a language course with us?
Mary: Learning English can be fun, as well as extremely useful, and Listen & Learn provides experienced, excellent tutors who will customise every lesson to your needs. I look forward to working with you if you book with Listen & Learn!