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6 Gorgeous Tamil Songs to Download

Tamil, a Dravidian language spoken in southern India and Sri Lanka, has a rich tradition of music that is both melodious and meaningful. In this article, we will suggest 6 Tamil songs to download for free from our Tamil Spotify playlist and listen to on repeat.

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Why learn Tamil with music?

Here are a few reasons why you should consider incorporating Tamil songs into your language-learning journey:

1.    Singing along is good for your pronunciation

When you listen to Tamil songs and try to sing along, you are practising the correct pronunciation of words and phrases. This can be especially useful if you are a beginner learner. As you read the lyrics while listening to the music, you will become aware of how certain words are pronounced and you will get familiar with the sounds of the Tamil language.

2.    Music helps you remember new words and phrases

Music has a way of embedding itself in our memory, and the same applies to language learning. When you learn new words and phrases through music, you are more likely to remember them because you have associated them with a melody that you can recall easily.

3.    Listening to music is a fun and rewarding way to learn Tamil

Learning a new language can sometimes feel like a chore. However, when you learn through music, it becomes a fun and enjoyable experience. You can learn new words and phrases while also enjoying the music and the emotions it evokes. What's more, you get a glimpse into the rich culture of Tamil Nadu and its people.

Tamil songs to download if you are a beginner learner

If you are a beginner learner and you want to learn Tamil by listening to music, it's important to look for songs that have a slow tempo and simple lyrics. Here are two Tamil songs to download from our Tamil Spotify playlist and sing along to while commuting to work.

1.    Silambarasan – “Mangalyam”

This song is perfect for beginners as it has a simple melody and a slow pace. The lyrics are also easy to follow, making them easier to understand and memorize. Oh, and it doesn't hurt that the singer's voice is beautiful!

2.    Karthik - "Thooriga"

This song has a catchy tune and repetitive chorus, making it easy for beginners to sing along to. The lyrics are also relatively simple, and you can learn some beautiful Tamil expressions from this song, for example:

Vilum itayam enti piti - "Hold on to the falling heart"

Vannam illa en valvile - "There is no colour in my life"

Varnam mittukiray - "You restore all the colour"

Tamil songs to download if you are an intermediate learner

If you already know some Tamil but you want to improve your skills, then you should look for songs with more complex lyrics and a faster tempo. However, it's important not to jump too far ahead and stick to songs that you can understand. Here are two Tamil songs to download from our Tamil Spotify playlist and practise your language skills with.

Stephen Zechariah ft. Srinisha – “Adi Penne”

This song is a fusion of Tamil and English lyrics, which can make it an excellent choice for intermediate learners looking to improve their understanding of the language. The song has a mix of rap and melody, and the rap portion can be particularly useful for practising speaking skills and improving fluency. The lyrics are relatively straightforward, making it easier for learners to follow along and understand:

Adi pennae oru murai nee sirithaal

En nenjukullae mazhai adikkum

"Oh dear women

You smile at me once and it rains in my heart."

Unnodu naanum vaazha

Unnodu naanum saaga

Un madi saayava

"I want to live with you,

I just want lie down

on your lap."

Thaman S ft. Silambarasan TR - "Mangalyam"

This song has a slightly faster tempo than the previous one, which can pose a good challenge for intermediate learners. Also, the lyrics are more complex and sophisticated, giving learners a chance to learn new ways of expressing feelings and ideas. Plus, the song's catchy beat and rhythmic melody can make it an engaging learning tool for those seeking to improve their Tamil language skills.

Tamil songs to download if you are an advanced learner

If you are an advanced learner of Tamil and looking for some truly challenging songs to download, you might want to check out these two options that combine traditional and modern styles and provide an insight into how the mindset of the Tamil Nadu people:

Sid Sriram - "Anthimaalai Neram"

"Anthimaalai Neram" is a soulful song that showcases Sid Sriram's mesmerising vocals and the intricate nuances of Tamil lyrics. The song's composition is a beautiful blend of classical and contemporary music, making it a perfect choice for advanced learners who want to explore the intricacies of Tamil music. Lyrically, it is a poetic account of two lovers meeting against the backdrop of a majestic mountain range.

A. R. Rahman ft. Vijay - "Verithanam"

"Verithanam" is a high-energy track that features fast-paced lyrics and a catchy beat. The song challenges the listener's Tamil language comprehension skills with its rapid-fire lyrics and colloquial slang. With this song you'll learn Tamil expressions that express pride and confidence such as this one:

Innaa Ippo Local-U Naa?

Namma Gethaa Olaathanum

"If we are local people, so what?

We have to move around like a boss"

Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate or an advanced Tamil learner, there are wonderful songs to download and learn from. By listening to Tamil music and singing along, you can immerse yourself in the language and get a better grasp of its vocabulary and pronunciation.

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All you have to do is check our Tamil Spotify playlist and find the perfect song for you! With enough practice and dedication, you'll be able to master the Tamil language in no time.

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