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Does Learning a Second Language Make You Smarter? (Part II)

Learn More Words in English

One of the unexpected side effects I discovered when I started studying a foreign tongue is that I began to pick up a few words in English I hadn’t used before. I think this is most likely to happen to you if you are learning a Romance language, as some of the most common place words in the likes of Italian and Spanish have an English equivalent which isn’t so widely used. I also found that I started to think more about my English grammar and began to construct my sentences in a way which probably made a bit more sense. If they learn German London students will also find a few words which are similar to English words they might or might not already know.

Use Your Brain More Often

When I worked in the UK and only spoke English I am sure that I passed a lot of days in auto pilot mode. Everything is easy and natural when you live in the place you were born and brought up but doesn’t this mean that your brain sometimes doesn’t get enough work? If you are lucky enough to get the chance to speak a different language at some point then even the simplest conversation can cause your brain to go grinding through the gears as you desperately try to find the right words to express your feelings. The Listen & Learn teachers will help you come to terms with this new way of using your brain more often.