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Get Out of Your Second Language Comfort Zone (Part II)

Learn a Difficult Word a Day

As I hinted at in the last point, there are some words in Spanish which I instinctively shied away from at first. I would rather spit out a long and convoluted alternative to the likes or veterinario or aeropuerto than try and get my tongue round these words. As we have seen, this is better than saying the troublesome word in English. However, running away from words you aren’t comfortable is going to stunt your progress sooner or later. A good solution to this problem is to try and learn one difficult word each day. On their German courses London students have plenty of long and complicated new words to choose from each day, like Donaudampfschiffahrtsgesellschaftskapitän and Geschwindigkeitsbeschränkungen. Actually, you might want to start off on something a little bit easier.   

Speak to Different People

An interesting aspect of learning a foreign language is that you get to learn different words and accents by speaking to different people .This means that if you only talk to one person in your second language you will be restricting your learning possibilities and lulling yourself into a false sense of security as well. Of course, if you plan to learn Spanish London is fantastic. Here you can speak to native speakers from a variety of countries and in a number of different situations. This might be difficult at first but it will help you build up your confidence levels in the long run.