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Greece’s Finest Fares


Image via Pixabay

Greece’s white washed walls, crystalline waters, and gorgeous landscapes have long made it a vacationer’s paradise, but after you’ve spent the day soaking up the sun’s heavenly rays, your stomach will be rumbling. As luck would have it, though, the hype is warranted when it comes to Greek cuisine. Check out our recommendations for Greece’s finest fares and keep an eye out for them on the menu!

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Before you leave Greece you should try . . .

Something to dip into

Dips of various kinds are one of Greece’s specialities, and there’s no better way to enjoy the local fare than with an array of them at your fingertips. After a day in the sand and surf, order a refreshing portion of τζατζίκι (tzatziki) - made from yoghurt, cucumber, olive oil, and salt - or try something new with the classic ταραμοσαλάτα (Taramosalata) made from cured roe of cod and mixed with either bread crumbs or mashed potato, lemon juice, vinegar, and olive oil. And don’t forget an order of pita bread to mop it all up!

Something to munch on

If dips are Greece’s mainstay, meat dishes are its pride and joy, and the beauty of it is that often the two are combined. As you’re breezing through the menu, keep an eye out for κεφτεδες (keftedes), which literally mean “meatballs”, or σουβλάκι (souvlaki) - delectable meat skewers - and be sure to order an extra side of τζατζίκι (tzatziki) for dipping.

If meat isn’t really your thing, you’re still in luck. κολοκυθοκεφτέδες (kolkythokeftedes) are fried patties or balls of zucchini or courgette, and they will blow you away!

Something to sip


Image via Static Flickr

Greek cuisine is brimming with flavour, and it’s a favourite among people around the world for a reason. But if you’re tasting your way through the countryside, you should make sure you check out the drinks menu. Greece is home to one of the oldest wine routes in the world, dating back about 6,500 years, and as they say: practice makes perfect. So, when you see Κρασί (Krasi) on the menu, be sure to say, “Το θέλω (To thélo),” meaning, “I want that.”

If you’re keen to try something a bit stronger, though, be sure to order the ούζο (ouzo) an anise-flavoured aperitif popular in Greece and Cyprus. But make sure you’ve had enough to eat as the sweet drink can sneak up on you when you least expect it.

Something to satisfy your sweet tooth


Image via Pixabay

If alcohol isn’t your thing, but you’re still craving something sweet, order a classic dessert like Μπακλαβάς (Baklava), which is sure to melt in your mouth. For something a little different, but equally as sinful, try the γαλακτομπούρεκο (Galaktoboureko), a custard-filled phyllo pastry coated in a clear sweet syrup. You won’t regret it; that’s guaranteed.


Greece is a holiday hotspot for a myriad of reasons, and its hot mediterranean climate boasts only the freshest ingredients: olives in abundance, refreshing cucumbers plucked from the vine. You’ll be hard-pressed in Greece to find something that doesn’t strike your fancy, and if you’re interested in learning a bit more, don’t forget to contact us! We’ll pair you up with a Greek language tutor to help you brush up on your skills and learn about the culture that has given us such tasty treats.