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Learn Greek While Having Fun: The Best Greek TV Series for Language Lovers


If you are studying Greek and are wondering what you can do to learn faster, we’ve got the answer. Do you want to boost your listening and speaking skills in a fun and engaging way? Then, the best thing you can do is start watching TV. Greek dramas are the best companions for learners because, when(…)

Greece’s Finest Fares


Greece’s white washed walls, crystalline waters, and gorgeous landscapes have long made it a vacationer’s paradise, but after you’ve spent the day soaking up the sun’s heavenly rays, your stomach will be rumbling. As luck would have it, though, the hype is warranted when it comes to Greek cuisine. Check out our recommendations for Greece’s(…)

Top Dialects of the Greek Language


The history of Greece is a widely studied topic in Western history, and with good reason: Greece has left an important historical, cultural, and linguistic legacy to the rest of the world. Indeed, in English, many of our words feature Greek roots; we inadvertently use Greek when we talk about polygons or phobias. Though the(…)