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Lima, Peru for Families: 4 Great Places to Go With Kids in Tow

If you’re planning a trip to Peru, a stop in Lima is almost guaranteed. As the country’s capital, Lima is home to world-class museums, restaurants, shopping, and lots more. It’s known as a cosmopolitan city, with significant investment in recent years making it more of an attraction in itself and less of a mandatory stop as you continue on your way to Cusco or elsewhere in the country. These days, a family vacation to Peru wouldn’t be complete without at least a day or two in Lima. Not sure where to start when it comes to planning your visit? Get your inspiration here from our list of these top 4 family-friendly activities:

Ghost Train Park

Years after an abandoned electric train project left an urban eyesore in downtown Lima, the innovative group “Basurama” came to the rescue. Launched in 2010, Ghost Train Park is a fun space where your kids can climb, swing, and zipline around on recycled materials alongside local children. Let your kids be kids, all while getting a firsthand lesson in just how important–and cool!–recycling can be. You can check out pictures of the park here.

Magic Water Circuit

Located at the Parque de la Reserva, this collection of giant water fountains is an absolute must-visit for just about anyone who travels to Lima. It’s a relatively new attraction that has caused major buzz and claims to be the world’s largest fountain complex in the world. It lights up at night, with music and laser lights transforming a simple water show into a whole lot more. Some fountains are designed for play, so your kids will love running around and splashing in the water!

Miraflores Boardwalk

Miraflores is one of Lima’s nicest neighborhoods and is home to many restaurants and shops. What is most appealing is that it sits on a cliff overlooking the ocean, which means you get stunning views of the ocean, beaches, and coastline. Take your kids for a walk along the boardwalk, which is actually a cliff-top trail that goes right through “el Parque de Amor” and you’ll get to see plenty of street artwork, be able to do some souvenir shopping, and maybe even watch some paragliding pilots navigating the coastal winds!

National Museum of Anthropology, Archeology, and History of Peru

This museum is an excellent place to introduce your kids to Peru’s fascinating history. If the gold and pottery don’t capture their attention, the mummified corpses and heads will do the trick. While lesser visited than the large Museo Larco, just down the road, the smaller collections here may be better suited for kids who aren’t that excited at the idea of spending the whole day in a museum.

One of the best things about visiting Lima with your family is that you’ll have the chance to interact with not only other tourists from around the world, but with the locals as well. Your kids will be able to laugh along with neighborhood kids as they pile up on a multi-person swing at the Ghost Train Park. While walking on the Miraflores Boardwalk they’ll pass lots of Lima residents and stop to pet a few dogs out for a walk with their owners.

If you want to encourage them to interact with the locals, there’s no better way to prepare your kids than by studying Spanish with them before your trip. If you’re interested in brushing up on your Spanish skills together, be sure to contact us to learn more about the online and in-person classes we offer.