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English Proves to be the Least Predictable Language


Living in a country with a language that is about as different from English as possible I have had my own serious problems with learning to read and write Thai. Thai has more consonants and vowels than English that pair up to create different tones. There is also the ambiguous placement of vowels: sometimes before,(…)

Howdy Partner, Where Ya From?: A Guide to American Accents


The United States of America is a huge country made up of 50 states, 48 continental and 2 separate, each of which has its own identity, sense of pride and history. There is however one common denominator: the English language. In total, there are 225 million native speakers of English and 25.6 million speakers of English(…)

How Present-Day Politics May Affect International Language Studies


2016 has been a year of unrest, of potentially huge political decisions and resultant fallouts that have made a lot of us wonder whether it’s time to find the off-switch for planet Earth and reset it. Whether you have been directly impacted or not it is probably safe for us all to agree that the(…)