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6 Places Where You Can Practice Your Russian


If you have an interest in learning Russian, then you’ll be pleased to hear you aren’t alone! Russian is a UN language, has some incredibly literary works that translations of just can’t do justice, and amongst other reasons people cite for learning this language, provides great work opportunities as well! But if you’re looking to(…)

5 Tips to Help You Mentally Cope With Moving Abroad


The expat life can appear to be glamorous and chock full of exotic locations. While this may ring true, it also comes with its fair share of mental stress. Making a big move anywhere can be nerve-wracking. Imagine throwing in a new culture, language, and way of life to boot and you can see how(…)

The Politics of International Studying: Destinations of the Future


As we continue on from our last article where we discussed How Present-Day Politics May Affect International Language Studies, we understand that studying abroad is about more than getting an education. It is about broadening your horizons, experiencing new cultures, and often getting to grips with a second language. But with all of the political(…)

How Present-Day Politics May Affect International Language Studies


2016 has been a year of unrest, of potentially huge political decisions and resultant fallouts that have made a lot of us wonder whether it’s time to find the off-switch for planet Earth and reset it. Whether you have been directly impacted or not it is probably safe for us all to agree that the(…)

5 Reasons to Study Abroad in Scotland


Considering studying abroad? Scotland is a great choice, with outstanding universities that repeatedly rank in the world’s top 100. Edinburgh, St Andrews, Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen and Stirling are each distinctive Scottish burghs that play host to historic and internationally-recognised universities; each offering a broad range of study programs. Of course Scotland is also much more(…)

What to Know Before Studying Abroad in Spain


Studying abroad is an enlightening experience—it grants individuals the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a new culture—and it can even be argued that it is the most effective way of learning a foreign language. And you’re considering it? Great! Maybe you’re interested in total language immersion, or perhaps you simply crave the unknown – you lust(…)

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Live in Spain Once


A hot Spanish sun beats down on crowded cobbled streets where bronzed women saunter casually along in 4-inch heels.  Small children kick a football around a plaza lined with cafes and bars that teem with customers—despite it being the middle of the day and the middle of the week—sipping cafés con leche (coffee with milk),(…)

7 Reasons to Study in China


With larger numbers of people choosing China over other study destinations, you may be curious as to why.  Offering a variety of high quality courses at numerous high standard institutions all over the large country, there are a multitude of reasons why China is gaining popularity in the study stakes.  Over 600 institutions countrywide are(…)