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I’ll Have One Ray of Sunshine, Please!


Fact: A Spanish woman has claimed ownership of the sun There’s nothing better than getting your swimsuit on and heading down to the beach, or packing a basket and taking your family to the park, or setting up the barbeque in the back yard and enjoying the sweet, sweet rays of summer. But what if(…)

Crawl Inside the Skinniest House in the World


Fact: Only 5-feet wide, the world’s thinnest house is located in Warsaw, Poland Now I know that rent in New York has reduced most people living there to call little more than a shoebox home, but wedged in between a 152cm gap in two buildings on the streets of Warsaw, Poland is a 2-storey abode(…)

The Weirdest World Records


Fact: 19 Pakistani women crammed themselves into a SmartCar to achieve a world record. As long as there are records, they will be broken. 2010 was the year 18 Australians squeezed themselves into a SmartCar in Sydney to create a new Guinness World Record. When Aymen Saleem, an A Level student in Karachi, Pakistan stumbled(…)

One Sandwich Short of a Picnic: Ridiculous Restaurants


Fact: Doctors in Riga have opened a medical-themed restaurant Any of you out there have a fear of clinics? How about needles? A restaurant in Riga, Latvia might not be the place for you. This hospital-themed eatery is fully kitted out in red and white hospital beds (complete with wheels) for tables and chairs, and(…)