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5 of the Tastiest Places to Eat in Rome

When you think of Rome you think: Culture, beauty, and food. Italy is world renown for its delicious dishes and its amazing menus, so why wouldn’t we expect the best from its capital city? Price ranges in Rome start high and continue on up, so if you’re on a budget be a bit careful where you chose to settle down for a meal. Some amazing food can be found at a perfect price, if you’re willing to look. Some of the best restaurants in Rome are found simply by stumbling across them, so don’t be afraid to get out there and do your own exploring as well! We’ve included a good mixture of more cost conscious and more splurge-worthy places on our list.


1.  Fortunato al Pantheon

THE PLACE: This restaurant seats 80 comfortable and although a bit small, is in no way overly crowded. A place frequented by many different politicians, the service is quick and friendly, and the food is classic. The restaurant itself offers a smoking lounge and a private lounge for guests.

THE FOOD: Fortunato al Pantheon features home made gnocchi and fresh seasonal mushrooms with Tagliolini.

THE PRICE: Most meals run around €35-€40, so while not being an extraordinarily cheap place, it is also not incredibly expensive.

Photo by Luigi Anzivino


2. La Tavernaccia.

THE PLACE: La Tavernaccia is a family-run restaurant and is loved by the locals, with service that is welcoming and food that tastes like quality home cooking. In the summer there is outdoor seating, and although the wine list is small, it has all the right vintages to complement your meal.

THE FOOD:This is a great place to come to order comfort food, like the family-style lasagna, or roast lamb that’s been baked in a wood fired oven.  Seasonal vegetables and fresh antipasti are available year-round, and a popular favorite is the garlic bruschetta served with prosciutto.

THE PRICE: The prices for a meal here run around €25, making it an affordable way to eat a home cooked meal in Roma!

NOTA BENE: Closed on Wednesdays.

3. Cecilia Metella.

THE PLACE: Named after the daughter-in-law of the Roman general Crassus, Cecilia Metella has been making amazing food since 1966. From the restaurant you can see the tomb of Cecilia Metella through the trees, and a picturesque garden and ancient looking fountain allow you to relax and enjoy your meal in a truly Roman setting. They offer several different set menus depending on what you’re interested in and you can also pick and choose items to eat on their own. In the winter, it’s a good idea to book a table near the fire, to stay cozy and warm as you enjoy your dining experience.

THE FOOD: On offer are an excellent section of meats, pastas, fish and seafood, and their lemon sorbet is an absolutely beautiful way to end your meal.

THE PRICE: Meals generally run around €25, though with wine you may be looking at a larger price tag.

NOTA BENE:  It is closed on Mondays.

Photo by cyclonebill

Photo by cyclonebill


4. Lilli.

THE PLACE: Lilli is laid back, relaxed and a Roman favourite. Another place to enjoy truly home cooked flair. Lilli can be found on the via Tor di Nona, close to much of downtown Rome.

THE FOOD: Enjoy their oxtail stew, a classic Roman dish that warms the soul, as well as ossobuco, which is quite popular among the local patrons, and some say that you can find the best bucatini all’amatriciana in the city here. Bucatini all’amatriciana is a pasta dish with tomato and pig’s cheek sauce, though don’t let the cheek bit put you off! It’s delicious!

THE PRICE: The dishes start at €8 each. A much cheaper place to grab a warm home cooked meal in the city, and one that you’ll truly enjoy!

5. Pizzarium.

THE PLACE: Pizzarium is unlike any of the previously mentioned places to eat on this list for 2 reasons: it’s tiny, and it’s a take away. There isn’t any seating, so you’ll want to grab your grub and sit in one of Rome’s many parks. It’s conveniently located quite close to the Vatican on Via della Meloria which is perfect for walking around and seeing the sights – find out why Pizzarium is rumoured to have the best pizza in the city.

THE FOOD: The dough here is made up of select organic flours, and the topics range from the standard classics to more adventurous toppings like ricotta, black pepper and courgettes. They also sell bread made from the same beautiful flours as the pizza dough, so if you’re thinking about stocking up for a picnic, this is the place to stop.

THE PRICE: Pizza slices start at around €3 so this is absolutely perfect for bargain seekers who want to enjoy a tasty meal while wandering around the beautiful streets surrounding the Vatican City.

NOTA BENE: Keep in mind though that it is closed on Sundays.

Photo by cyclonebill

Photo by cyclonebill

Does all this talk of delicious food in Rome make you want to explore the city for yourself? Or perhaps practice your Italian in a trattoria of your own choosing? Why not contact us and see what Italian courses are available near you now!