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Top Food and Drinks for Tourists to Try in China


 If you’re lucky enough to take a trip to this incredible country, one of the many highlights will be the food and drink. You will also quickly notice that Chinese cuisine can be starkly different to the standard takeout you’re used to in your own country. Familiar names do exist there of course – sweet(…)

A Quick Guide To Snacking The South African Way


Being a South African means fully encompassing the country’s diverse group of people, odd cultural traditions and, most of all, the variety of weird and wonderful foods. While an American perspective on authentic South African food might not suffice as proof of how delicious it truly is, we’re definitely impressed with what the guys from(…)

5 of the Tastiest Places to Eat in Rome


When you think of Rome you think: Culture, beauty, and food. Italy is world renown for its delicious dishes and its amazing menus, so why wouldn’t we expect the best from its capital city? Price ranges in Rome start high and continue on up, so if you’re on a budget be a bit careful where(…)

How to Eat, Drink, and Get Married in Spain


Obviously not all weddings are created equal, and if you head to one in Spain the food and traditions will vary according to region, religion, and of course resources, but the following is based on my own experience – and what an experience it was! Traditionally, Spanish weddings are quite different from its surrounding neighbours,(…)

Matrimonio Cucina – What To Expect From An Italian Wedding Feast


Anyone who knows anything about Italy will know that they love their food, so it’s not surprising that come the big wedding day, the menu is almost as important as the nuptials! Obviously there are no strict guidelines as to everything that is served at a wedding in Italy, but there are some common traditions,(…)

5 Mexican Foods You Don’t Know About, But Should


There’s no reason to think that food in Mexico is stranger than anywhere else. Certainly tacos, enchiladas, fajitas, burritos and various other Mexican specialities have long been well-known outside the country, but dig a little deeper and you might be surprised by some of the oddities you’ll find on a Mexican menu, especially if you(…)

6 of the Best Extreme Cuisines from Dubai


As far as the world goes, Dubai is a relative newcomer; despite some early mentions around 1095 CE it wasn’t formally recognised until 1833, but as the intersection between Europe, Asia, and Africa its cuisine influences are remarkable – and usually very tasty! Middle Eastern food has become a staple of Western dining over the(…)

Italian Food Gone Wild: Italy’s Strangest Cuisines


Ahhhh, when we think of Italian cuisine we thing of some of the most popular dishes in the world: pizza; pasta; risotto; gnocci; maggoty rotten cheese… ! Yes, the last one threw you, and us, but there are quite a number of unusual dishes which have stood the test of time in Italy, and are(…)

6 of Germany’s Strangest Foods


Now Germans aren’t renowned for their sense of humour, but some of their food is rather funny! Considering unusual cuisines are usually a result of either tradition or making the most of limited resources, I’m not sure how these delicacies came about, but we recommend learning some basic German to ensure you don’t accidently order(…)

10 Extreme French Cuisines: Food You (May) Want to Try


The French are well known for their culture of gastronomy and gourmet offerings, but there are a few traditional dishes which will make some visitors think twice before eating them – unless they’re on an episode of Fear Factor! Some of the following dishes grace the tables of fine dining establishments, some cause debate both(…)