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Hungry? Food Names Gone Wrong!

foodnamesIf you have ever gone shopping in a foreign supermarket there is a good chance that you ended up giggling like a schoolgirl at some point.

In some places they attempt to put product names into English while in others the local words are pretty funny to an English speaker. Here are a few different foods to look out for on your travels.

Barfy Burgers – Argentina

If you are ever in Argentina you need to try some Barfy burgers. It is probably the only brand of frozen hamburgers on the planet whose name describes what happens when you eat too many of them.

Crunky Ball Nude - Japan

While the Barfy burgers made me feel a bit queasy, this is a great name for a packet of, well, whatever it is, I suppose. I did some research and it appears that Crunky Ball Nude is a Japanese product. They look pretty tasty but could you keep a straight face while you asked for a box of them?

Shito Hot Sauce - Ghana

This is one of those products which doesn’t really mean anything in English but which just sounds funny. It is a popular sauce in Ghana. If it is as hot as I fear you might very well find yourself mumbling the name of the sauce through numb lips for a couple of hours after tasting it.

The Plopp Bar - Sweden

Would you like a Plopp? This is a chocolate bar from Sweden which has one of the least appetising names ever. Apparently these bars have been around since 1949. Thanks to the wonders of modern Plopp producing techniques you can try a Plopp Currant, Plopp Tutti Frutti or even Plopp Caffe Latte.  You will be lucky to find any of these bars outside of Sweden.

foodnames2Hellena Fart – Poland?

You really don’t want to be putting any of this stuff anywhere near your food, do you? I am not 100% sure where it is from but I think it might be Polish.

Pee Cola - Ghana

We are back to Ghana for this one. This looks like it is a gem of a country for anyone who loves to snigger at awful product names. You can’t beat a refreshing bottle of Pee Cola to wash down your Shito Sauce, after all.

Only Puke? - China

If the Barfy Burger wasn’t enough for you to re-acquaint yourself with your breakfast then maybe this will help. Actually, this one is a bit of a trick, because the last couple of letters can’t always be seen clearly. It is really called Only Pukeet and it is a crunchy Chinese snack.

What other weird and wonderful food names have you come across?