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5 Student Strategies for Surviving Cancún’s Spring Break


It’s easy to see why Cancún has become the destination of choice for spring break, especially for students. While the city itself is filled with amazing beaches, friendly locals and top-notch restaurants, if you’re heading there for spring break, you’re probably heading there for a party. Take a look at our short guide on how to survive Mexico’s biggest fiesta:

Pace yourself

Most, if not all college students, are well accustomed to excessive drinking. As long ago as 1998 the Journal of American College Health stated that more than half of all men and 40 percent of women drank until they either passed out, or got sick, often more than once. With spring break happening in Cancún, you can bet your bottom dollar a fair amount of the alcohol consumed will be tequila. The best advice if you’re planning on indulging, is not to overdo it – pace yourself and drink a lot of water. After all, is it worth missing out on the festivities due to a sense of false courage that might very well come crashing down around you? Probably not. Ultimately, in order to have fun while getting the full Cancún experience, be smart spring-breakers – know your limits.

Don't go hungry

Eating is not cheating. Luckily Cancún provides tourists with the chance to eat delicious, traditionally local food almost anywhere. An abundance of quality restaurants and snack-food stalls surround the area, so try something new! From enchiladas to tortillas, you won't find yourself going hungry. Take a break from the party and take advantage of what the city has to offer on a culinary basis.

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There’s safety in numbers

While breaking away from the crowd and getting your dose of alone time is sometimes necessary, the opportunity to take advantage of foreigners who are not familiar with the area does present itself all too often (especially in Mexico). While some may choose not to take notice of the ugly in such a beautiful place, the reality of it is that Cancún is becoming a hub for crimes concerning tourists. Each year the effects of crime on tourists and locals are being recognised, with Forbes correspondent, Christopher Helman, stating that Cancun is quickly becoming a drug and human trafficking port.  Being careful in between moments of partying and staying in groups might mean, at the very least, walking away from each night with your wallet in your pocket.

Find the right parties

Finding the right party to suit all your needs shouldn’t be too difficult in Cancún, but preparing in advance could just mean the difference between a great time and a good time. Don’t be left out of the action. Most major events require a pre-booked ticket, so make sure you are well informed when it comes to the parties you want to attend. With events such as the Inception Music Festival and companies like Student City that make partying even easier for you, doing your research beforehand doesn’t seem like too much to ask for when in return, you’re getting the experience of a lifetime!

Know when to escape the crowds

Take a step back from the never ending parties. Taking a breather is not the same thing as doing nothing, so have a look at what else Mexico has to offer. There is no shortage of amazing recreational activities, such as jungle tour adventures, surfing and windsurfing, dolphin shows and not to mention, the Chichen Itza (an edition to the list of New World Wonders). While the festivities may keep your attention, don't forget that Cancún is a place of amazing cultural wealth with many exciting opportunities on offer!


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