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5 Student Strategies for Surviving Cancún’s Spring Break


It’s easy to see why Cancún has become the destination of choice for spring break, especially for students. While the city itself is filled with amazing beaches, friendly locals and top-notch restaurants, if you’re heading there for spring break, you’re probably heading there for a party. Take a look at our short guide on how(…)

Mexico: A Tourist’s Guide to Staying Safe and Having Fun


Many travellers shy away from Mexico due to high crime rates, though the country actually has fewer crimes per year than the United States. In a country with warm, hospitable residents; fantastic handmade goods; beautiful scenery and a rich and turbulent history, there’s no reason to not to visit Mexico, as long as you’re careful(…)

5 Mexican Foods You Don’t Know About, But Should


There’s no reason to think that food in Mexico is stranger than anywhere else. Certainly tacos, enchiladas, fajitas, burritos and various other Mexican specialities have long been well-known outside the country, but dig a little deeper and you might be surprised by some of the oddities you’ll find on a Mexican menu, especially if you(…)

6 Mexican Spanish Sayings to Get Your Tongue Wagging


In the 500 or so years since Spain first began its conquest of Mexico, the Spanish language has developed into its own Mexican dialect. Influenced by Mexico’s indigenous languages, the country’s culture and the people’s surroundings, the Spanish of Mexico may have its roots in Spain, but it has taken on a life of its(…)

4 Things to Consider When Travelling with Kids in Mexico


Mexico is a terrific place for everyone to travel to.  It offers fantastic beaches, historical sites, lots of culture, and numerous attractions for all.  Any travel with children presents different pleasures and challenges to solo travel or travelling in a group of adults. Here are 4 things to consider when travelling with kids in Mexico:(…)

9 Mexican Foods To Make Your Kids Say ‘Ay, Caramba!’


If you’re planning on moving to Mexico your kids will love you – even more than they do now – because everywhere you go, you’ll find a fun filled festival of food! Mexico is home to Native Americans, Spanish, and Europeans, and they’ve all influenced the language, culture, and food to some extent – but(…)