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Black Panther Brings Xhosa into the Limelight


Black Panther is currently and rightfully getting all sorts of attention for so many important, beautiful things. Even if you watch films just for the sake of watching films, oh, what a film Black Panther is to watch. From our perspective though as language people, we have an additional reason to love Black Panther even more: its(…)

And So It Continues: Badly Translated Films


We all love a (good) bad translation, don’t we? There a wealth of web pages and entire blogs dedicated solely to the joy that is the word gone wrong, and last time when we began delving into the beauties available in pop culture we looked at the titles of our favourite TV shows overseas. This(…)

Even Movie Stars Are Guilty: Celebrity Bad Accents


When was the last time you had to say something in another language and froze up, because you were worried about not being understood or that your awful pronunciation would lead to mortifying misunderstandings? We have all been there. Do not fear! If pronunciation is your particular language weakness, then we are here to tell(…)