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The 5 Best Drinks in Russia: Vodka, Move Over


Think of Russia and you inevitably picture rivers of clear liquid damaging livers all across this enormous country. At over 17 million square kilometres, Russia is the largest country in the world by a huge margin – room for a lot of potato and grain crops, and consequently enough vodka to drown a shoal of(…)

10 Top Spots for Tourists in Russia


Russia is an enormous country, brimming with culture and attractions.  The country spreads over two different continents, Europe and Asia, and is home to various ethnic groups.  From the large cities of Moscow and St Petersburg to the deserts of Siberia and the glistening Lake Baikal, Russia has numerous places of interest for tourists.  It(…)

From Outer Space with Love?


Fact: Russian scientists have predicted that humanity will encounter aliens by 2031. In June of 2011, top Russian astronomer Andrei Finkelstein was quoted as saying, “Life exists on other planets and we will find it within 20 years.” Believing that the laws of life – the rules by which organisms arise and reproduce on our(…)

What Language Do They Speak in Heaven & Hell?


Have you ever wondered what Heaven and Hell look like? Be honest, you would really like to know what God’s place looks like but you have a sneaking suspicion that you might end up keeping the chap with the fork company for, well, eternity really. However, even if you have managed to picture rows of(…)