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Grab the Popcorn! 4 of Brazil’s Most Awe-Inspiring Films

A country of contradictions and recently home to the FIFA World Cup, Brazil has had a turbulent past and still struggles with issues of crime and drugs today. You may have heard of the infamous favelas, or slums, that exist in cities like Rio de Janeiro, but do you have any idea what it’s like(…)

7 Unmissable Argentine Films & How They Can Help You Learn Spanish

Argentine Spanish is unique in its grammar, accent and its large amount of slang known as lunfardo. One excellent way to get used to this different variety of Spanish, which the locals call castellano, is dive in to Argentina’s film culture. Take a look at our pick of top films from the dynamic country: El(…)

To Russia With Love – Top 5 Films From Russia And The Soviet Union

The complexity of the Soviet Union and the establishment of the Russian Federation in 1991 is reflected in its history of movies, as is the culture, history, and political stance – so choosing a top five selection of the best is tricky, but we’ve come up with some of our favourites from the two regimes.(…)

10 German Films You Need to Watch

When you think of Germany, you don’t automatically think of cinema, yet it has a long, prolific, and proud history of churning out millions of films, many of which have had international acclaim – and commercial success. Names like Maximilian Schell, Marlene Dietrich, Hans Zimmer, and Wim Wenders should be familiar to all film buffs,(…)

La Dolce Vita: The Best Italian Films and Directors

Italian film directors Sergio Leone and Frederico Fellini are household names all around the globe, and are considered gods of celluloid in film circles, but they’re not the only Italians that have made an impact in the film world. Since the Best Foreign Language category was introduced to the Academy Awards programme in 1956, Italians(…)

The Greatest Closing Lines in Films

We all love a good movie, don’t we? However, as we are fickle creatures what we love most of all is an explosive ending. The bad guy dying horribly, the lovelorn couple finally getting it together and the world being saved again are all great endings. Having said that, the power of language means that(…)