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Your Secret Life as a Language Ninja

There are many of us native English speakers who are guilty of failing when it comes to languages. Too often we gesticulate vigorously, speaker loud and slow as though trying to communicate with a zombie, and perform an intricate mix of pictionary and charades to get our point across, rather than actually attempt to get(…)

Closed Caption Classroom

There’s something a little exotic about watching a foreign language film; cue images of smoky, half-filled theatres and a romantic scene with subtitles that don’t quite capture the magic that you’re seeing onscreen. When it comes to films and TV, there are three main methods of translation used to make them accessible for all. Here’s(…)

3 Perks of Being Multilingual in the Job Market

In a globalising era such as ours, speaking more than one language has its obvious advantages. You can converse with members of varying ethnic and cultural backgrounds; you can traverse the world with a bit more ease; and you can talk about people in front of them without them even knowing. Come on, we’ve all(…)