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Our Foreign-Language Winners of Cannes Film Festival 2022


The Cannes Film Festival is one of the most important film festivals in the world. Held every year in the south of France, it is a prestigious event that draws some of the biggest names in cinema. Some of the most successful movies to premiere at Cannes include “The Godfather,” “The Intouchables,” “Pulp Fiction,” and(…)

The Rising Popularity of Foreign Language Content on Netflix


When it comes to learning a language, you have to find the learning methods that work for you, and that includes finding material in the language you’re learning. For some that could be favourite YouTube channels, and for others finding new music to learn the lyrics of so you can sing along or film and(…)

There’s More that Meets the Eye: Languages of the United States


So America is the land of the monolingual, the place where only English is spoken and no other language exists—aside from for the more than forty million people who speak Spanish as a first language, and the estimated eleven million speaking it as a second, of course, but who’s counting those? And other than English(…)

Music and Language: 10 Artists Who Inspire Language Learning


We might have mentioned this once or twice before, but we are big believers that listening to music is a great way to help you learn a language. Our message here today is twofold; first, to give you a few examples of non-English artists who might enhance your own language learning journey, and second, to(…)

Your Secret Life as a Language Ninja


There are many of us native English speakers who are guilty of failing when it comes to languages. Too often we gesticulate vigorously, speaker loud and slow as though trying to communicate with a zombie, and perform an intricate mix of pictionary and charades to get our point across, rather than actually attempt to get(…)

From Coffee Shop Corners: First Novels in Their Original Language


There is something very magical about slipping into a comfy chair in your favourite cafe with a coffee within your reach and a book open on your lap, ready for you to delve into. As we continue our look at first novels in original languages, perhaps we can let our minds wander and imagine those(…)

Unfortunate Product Names to the English Speaker’s Ear


Going around a local supermarket in another country can be a daunting experience. Where does the cheese live? What on earth does that product do? Why are there so many varieties of napkins (Spain and Italy: we’re looking at you)? But it doesn’t have to be daunting. It can be a lot of fun. It(…)

Closed Caption Classroom


There’s something a little exotic about watching a foreign language film; cue images of smoky, half-filled theatres and a romantic scene with subtitles that don’t quite capture the magic that you’re seeing onscreen. When it comes to films and TV, there are three main methods of translation used to make them accessible for all. Here’s(…)

Learning a New Language? Don’t Make These Common Mistakes!


Learning a new language is an endeavour for the dedicated. It requires time, energy, and inevitably, resilience because it can be very easy for your motivation to wane. In the long run it’s worth it,  but what’s the point if you never make it to a stage where you can actually converse with anyone? It’s(…)

What Makes a Language?


Birds do it. Bees do it. Even educated – okay, let’s not get our wires crossed here. This is not a pining revisit to Valentine’s Day and about falling in love. What we are talking about is communication and the fact that we all do it, we all use language to communicate – even animals. But(…)