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Recollecting the Rosetta Stones of the Past


Reading this title, there are two logical leaps to make. One, either we are going to talk about an ancient stone tablet, or two, we will discuss language apps and aids of the past. In fact, the first assumption is a little closer to home, so bonus points for you if that’s where your mind(…)

From Coffee Shop Corners: First Novels in Their Original Language


There is something very magical about slipping into a comfy chair in your favourite cafe with a coffee within your reach and a book open on your lap, ready for you to delve into. As we continue our look at first novels in original languages, perhaps we can let our minds wander and imagine those(…)

Unearthing the Bookworms: First Novels in Original Languages


As language lovers it is pretty much a given that we are also huge fans of books. So it goes without saying that combining these two things make us very happy indeed; happier than Samwise Gamgee in a field of potatoes and anyone with a heartbeat in the presence of Jamie Fraser. Okay maybe not(…)

Top Dialects of the Greek Language


The history of Greece is a widely studied topic in Western history, and with good reason: Greece has left an important historical, cultural, and linguistic legacy to the rest of the world. Indeed, in English, many of our words feature Greek roots; we inadvertently use Greek when we talk about polygons or phobias. Though the(…)

5 Glorious Activities for Tourists in Greece


Yeah, yeah, everyone knows about the Acropolis, the Parthenon, Mount Arthos, and all the stuff that’s been around for millennia, but Greece is more than just a few old things! From shopping to swimming to scuba diving to sailing to eating to drinking to dancing there’s a plethora (derived from Greek) of eclectic (derived from(…)

It’s All Greek to Me: 7 Great Greek Idioms


People often say ‘it’s all Greek to me’ when they don’t understand something. However, if you’re learning Greek you might just have to find a new phrase. Luckily, in Greek you can say Εἶναι γιὰ μένα κινέζικα (Íne gia ména kinézika), which means ‘it’s Chinese to me’. If you speak Chinese too, there’s always Εἶναι(…)

Disney Lied! A Breakdown of the Greek Gods


Fact: In the Disney movie Hercules, the only character without a Greek name is Hercules As the good little students of world history that we are, many of us will remember that the Romans borrowed the basic concepts for most of their gods, heroes, and indeed religion from their antecedents and compatriots, the Greeks. While we(…)